Outfits of the Week



You guys… GREASE OPENS TONIGHT! I am beyond excited!

To keep things brief again: Here are this week’s outfits. Keep in mind this has been tech week, with work from 8-4 and then full run-throughs of the show after that, with a call at 5pm and leaving the theater at around 10:30pm every night. Oof!

Bonus: I have an update on what I kept from my 5th Stitch Fix!

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My 4th Stitch Fix: A Different Approach

My new approach to Stitch Fix styling


…kind of. Last time around, I changed my Style Profile to more expensive items, because I wanted to focus on business event attire and looking more professional. My stylist Leah knocked it out of the park!

However, I also had to realize that, in general, I need to get more aggressive in my saving strategy for a new apartment coming up in July.

Here’s how I compromised…

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A New Series! Outfits of the Week

OUTFITS OF THE WEEK | THE REAL LIFE BLOG fashion, style, clothing, shopping, outfits


I’ve decided to post each week’s outfits in one “OOTW” (Outfits of the Week) post every Friday. The catch is that not all outfits are created equal.

I’ll include fitness outfits from my long-run weekends, as well as schleppy long-night-of-rehearsal outfits. This fits right in with The Real Life philosophy of not trying to appear perfect all the time. Enjoy round 1, and tell me what you think!

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What I’m Dreaming About For My Closet

WHAT I'M PLANNING FOR MY NEXT STITCH FIX: work attire, cocktail dresses, and dressy fashion clothes


I’ve overhauled my Stitch Fix style profile and overall approach to the styling service… which means hunting for ideas on Pinterest for my stylist, Leah.

This time around, I am looking for dressier pieces for work events, performing, and just being a polished lady (when I’m not in sweats).

Here are my current favorite pieces of inspiration!

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Is stitch fix really worth it?

Is the Stitch Fix personal-styling service really worth it? Let me lay it out there in terms of how it works, the pros and cons, and the best way to get the most bang for your buck.

Corduroys, white blouse, and green puffy vest from my 2nd Stitch Fix


Are you on the fence about trying out the ever-popular personal-styling trend?

Yeah, I was too. You definitely aren’t completely missing out if you decide not to dabble in Stitch Fix… but it could also really work in your favor. Let me lay it out there in terms of how it works, the pros and cons, and the best way to get the most bang for your buck.

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