Outfits of the Week

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This week has been just a tad bit busy with rehearsals, work, and getting back into the swing of things after the Jackson Hole trip.

We will give Friday morning an exemption, as it was a crazy and delirious travel day—and we’ll make up for it with a fancy event outfit Tuesday night.

Check it out!

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A New Series! Outfits of the Week

OUTFITS OF THE WEEK | THE REAL LIFE BLOG fashion, style, clothing, shopping, outfits


I’ve decided to post each week’s outfits in one “OOTW” (Outfits of the Week) post every Friday. The catch is that not all outfits are created equal.

I’ll include fitness outfits from my long-run weekends, as well as schleppy long-night-of-rehearsal outfits. This fits right in with The Real Life philosophy of not trying to appear perfect all the time. Enjoy round 1, and tell me what you think!

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OOTD: Ready for Rehearsal


When you’ve got a full day of work followed by 4 hours of music rehearsal for a musical theater production (on the other side of town, mind you), you decide to keep things casual.

Today is my first day into the workweek/rehearsal scheduling combo, and I’ve been determined to set myself up for success, in clothing and with my pre-packed snacks.

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OOTD: Baseball Chic for the Colorado Rockies

Outfit of the day, an outfit for the baseball stadium! Coors Field in Denver, Colorado Rockies, baseball outfit


(Why do I look cross-eyed in this picture? You’re welcome.)

I’m leaving work early this afternoon with two coworkers and heading to Coors Field with free Colorado Rockies tickets—Happy Thursday to me!

Since I don’t own any Rockies gear, here’s what I went with for the ball game.

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