The Hands-Down Best Pizza in Denver

Cosmo's Pizza and spicy ranch is the best culinary experience in Denver, Colorado | THE REAL LIFE | food, foodie, restaurants, Denver, pizza, Italian food, best places to eat in Denver Colorado


Yesterday was one of those days where it feels like the world is caving in on you—where anxiety and worry take over and keep you from remembering that the Universe always has your back.

To turn things around, enter: decompressing, an easy 7-mile run, and the best effing pizza you’ve ever tasted.

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Date Night at Zengo Denver

Taste-testing Zengo Denver's new menu | THE REAL LIFE food, restaurants, Denver, foodie, Colorado eats


This past Saturday, the man and I visited Zengo Denver in Riverfront Park, to taste-test their new menu—just in time for spring and summer! It was the perfect date night.

I knew we were in for a delicious evening… on top of revisiting my favorite dishes from my first Zengo outing, we tried a handful of new menu items. Almost all of them were dynamite. Here’s a photo recap!

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My Stay in Jackson Hole: Part 4

Running and eating in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


…and running & food. The conclusion of my four-part Jackson Hole recap is pretty darn simple.

Our schedules were filled to the brim this week between meetings and events and wanting to get the insider’s guide to Jackson Hole. Every spare minute was spent on the go.

When my downtime-filled Thursday came along, I decided to devote it to a smorgasbord of local eats, with a little trail running mixed in. Take a look at these pics!

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Your Mouth Will Water Looking at These Instagrams

FOODIE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW: Here, HungryBetches lox bagel with cream cheese and avocado


Happy Monday, loves!

It’s less than 2 weeks until the Colfax Half Marathon. I’ve been running a lot of miles. To give you an idea of how much my training has escalated, my mileage goal for the month of January was 38 miles. My mileage goal for April was 60… and I ended up running 78.

78 effing miles, folks. Do you know what that means?

It means I’m hungry—ravenous. So let’s feast our eyes on this food porn together.

BRACE YOURSELVES (and make sure you’ve eaten first).

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A Breakfast-for-Dinner to Die For

A delicious breakfast recipe: sautéed veggie medley, fried eggs, avocado, and banana


I think I mentioned before that I love breakfast. I love it so much that I could eat it all day long.

I recently went for a quick 3-mile run between a long work day and going to see Sweeney Todd at the Denver Center—and to avoid the expense (and often lack of nutrition) of quickly eating out, I improvised in the kitchen with this deliciousness.

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