The Goat Cheese Lady Farm

The Goat Cheese Lady Farm, Penrose Colorado | THE REAL LIFE Blog | fitness, food, fun, lifestyles blogger, fashion, travel, running


This weekend was chock-full of celebration! The man turns 33 today, but Monday birthdays are no fun. So instead, we dedicated the entire weekend to having as much fun + relaxation as possible.

My favorite part was the surprise visit to a Penrose, Colorado goat farm for a four-hour cheese-making class. Yum!

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Wine Slushies & Blackberry Ricotta Pizza!?

Blackberry Ricotta Pizza with Basil | THE REAL LIFE Blog | food, fitness, lifestyle, recipes, pizza, running, Denver Colorado


Blackberries on pizza? Yep, it’s a thing, and yep, it’s good.

One of my favorite things about the man is that he’s equally as adventurous when it comes to food and recipes. I found this recipe on Pinterest and just knew it was up our alley.

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Blender Muffins: Oatmeal, Banana, & Dark Chocolate

Clean Eating Banana Oat Dark Chocolate Chip Blender Muffins Healthy


It’s summertime, which means we’ve broken out the blender for refreshing fruit smoothies and healthy nut-butter shakes.

But who would’ve guessed the blender could be used to make easy, grab-and-go running fuel? Enter the Blender Muffin phenomenon, thanks to a (slightly modified) Pinterest recipe.

Bonus: they’re Clean Eating!

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Your Mouth Will Water Looking at These Instagrams

FOODIE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW: Here, HungryBetches lox bagel with cream cheese and avocado


Happy Monday, loves!

It’s less than 2 weeks until the Colfax Half Marathon. I’ve been running a lot of miles. To give you an idea of how much my training has escalated, my mileage goal for the month of January was 38 miles. My mileage goal for April was 60… and I ended up running 78.

78 effing miles, folks. Do you know what that means?

It means I’m hungry—ravenous. So let’s feast our eyes on this food porn together.

BRACE YOURSELVES (and make sure you’ve eaten first).

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The Toppings Make All the Difference

PIZZA, PIZZA! Divinely different pizza recipes with various toppings so it doesn't taste like the same meal! | THE REAL LIFE


After a tiring week and a 3.4-mile run on Friday that included my fastest mile ever, I was ready to take a bath, relax, and eat some delicious homemade pizza. (Yes, again.)

We made not one but two divinely delicious (and competitive) pizzas, each improvised with various toppings found in the fridge. Each pie was distinctly different from the other, but both were insanely scrumptious. See which won!

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A Whirlwind Weekend

My Whirlwind Weekend in Pictures: running, rehearsals, recipes, and the pup! | THE REAL LIFE


G’day, friends! I’ve been a busy bee this weekend. I’m tired and sore this morning, but I feel like my tank is filled to the brim with contentment.

Check out this fun, photo recap of my weekend—which was filled with running, rehearsals, and delicious food—plus some exciting fashion news!

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Eggplant With Buttermilk Pomegranate Sauce

Eggplant with Buttermilk Pomegranate Sauce from Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty cookbook of vegetarian meals

I recently tried this recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty cookbook, and it felt like a blind taste test. I had no idea what to expect, but it’s the book’s cover photo, which has been captivating me for months.

You know what it tasted like, though? A healthier, Italian, even-more-savory-and-rich version of a baked potato covered in sour cream.

Yeah, so you’re going to want this recipe.

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A Breakfast-for-Dinner to Die For

A delicious breakfast recipe: sautéed veggie medley, fried eggs, avocado, and banana


I think I mentioned before that I love breakfast. I love it so much that I could eat it all day long.

I recently went for a quick 3-mile run between a long work day and going to see Sweeney Todd at the Denver Center—and to avoid the expense (and often lack of nutrition) of quickly eating out, I improvised in the kitchen with this deliciousness.

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Arguably the Best Avocado Toast in Denver

BLACK EYE COFFEE in CAP HILL: Arguably the best avocado toast in Denver. Eating in Denver, Denver Colorado restaurants, healthy eating, health breakfast recipes


I could eat “breakfast foods” for each and every meal. (Let’s be honest though, all foods are breakfast foods.) My absolute go-to breakfast (break-feast!) is a garlic, mushroom, spinach, egg, and cheese burrito (with white flour tortillas because no substitutes even come close to comparison in taste and chewiness).

I love avocado toast, but I find it’s hard to incorporate as many flavors into avocado toast as it is my beloved breakfast burrito tradition. However, my whole Avocado Toast Paradigm was dramatically shifted recently after visiting a new coffee spot in Capitol Hill.

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