A Post-Rehearsal Salmon Dinner

A Simple Salmon Dinner! | THE REAL LIFE | food, fitness, health, eating, recipes


That should’ve been the name of my blog. Oh well.

This Saturday I had an early-morning haircut and color before a four-hour Grease rehearsal. When I got home, the man and I put together this delicious dinner that looks far too involved. (Hint: It was anything but.)

Bonus: You get to meet our two new plants!

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Margaritas & Tacos By The Pool

Date Night at Home, Margaritas and Tacos | THE REAL LIFE | food, recipes, Mexican, cocktails, drinks, vegetarian meals, healthy eating, thrifty date night ideas


This past Friday was a long time coming. It was a trying week, and the man knew just what I needed:

a run, followed by playing “Wikipedia” (which he surprised me with, because we both love playing dorky trivia games), followed by making tacos and margaritas at home!

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The Hands-Down Best Pizza in Denver

Cosmo's Pizza and spicy ranch is the best culinary experience in Denver, Colorado | THE REAL LIFE | food, foodie, restaurants, Denver, pizza, Italian food, best places to eat in Denver Colorado


Yesterday was one of those days where it feels like the world is caving in on you—where anxiety and worry take over and keep you from remembering that the Universe always has your back.

To turn things around, enter: decompressing, an easy 7-mile run, and the best effing pizza you’ve ever tasted.

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Blissful in Crested Butte: Part 3

What to eat in Crested Butte, Colorado.jpg


Well we’re finally moving on to the recap of Day 2 of our long weekend in Crested Butte, Colorado! The first day was jam-packed with fun but in a relaxed, go-with-the-flow sort of way. It was a great start to the trip!

Sunday was a lot like Saturday—but on steroids! We had a longer, hillier trail run, following by multiple progressive meals. (I miss it dearly.)

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Blissful in Crested Butte: Part 1

A Weekend Stay in Crested Butte, Colorado | THE REAL LIFE | travel, foodie, Colorado, Rocky Mountain getaways, vacations, restaurants, shops


The man and I ventured off early Saturday morning for a Memorial Day weekend getaway in Crested Butte, the most quintessential Colorado mountain town.

On the agenda? Running trails, exploring shops, relaxing, and of course, visiting as many restaurants as possible.

Take a look at the first half of Day 1!

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Checking In: The Week After The Big Race

Checking in the Week After the Big Race: Colfax Half Marathon | THE REAL LIFE | running, fitness, nutrition, working out, eating right, intuitive eating, weight maintenance


It’s been a week and a half since my PR at the Colfax Half Marathon, and while other big races were followed by weeks [or months… or in some cases, years] of slacking off, I have no intentions of slowing down.

I took two days off after the half, but then I jumped straight back into running regularly. I am in love with it lately and am running for much better reasons these days.

I’ve also been indulging in delicious foods, doing fun things, apartmenting-hunting, and looking forward to a Memorial Day getaway!

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Date Night at Zengo Denver

Taste-testing Zengo Denver's new menu | THE REAL LIFE food, restaurants, Denver, foodie, Colorado eats


This past Saturday, the man and I visited Zengo Denver in Riverfront Park, to taste-test their new menu—just in time for spring and summer! It was the perfect date night.

I knew we were in for a delicious evening… on top of revisiting my favorite dishes from my first Zengo outing, we tried a handful of new menu items. Almost all of them were dynamite. Here’s a photo recap!

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Feast Your Eyes! A Tour of Food From the Past Few Weeks

Feast Your Eyes! A Tour of Food From the Past Few Weeks | THE REAL LIFE | food, recipes, meals, vegetarian, whole foods, cooking, healthy eating, fitness, eating


I think it’s safe to say I eat well. But you haven’t seen half of it, because it’s been a busy past few weeks here at The Real Life:

  • working a full-time job, and it’s event season!
  • spending a week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • training for and then running the Colfax Half Marathon
  • going to ~20 hours of Grease rehearsal a week
  • trying to blog regularly
  • …and maintaining a healthy life balance… or something like it.

In all the hustle and bustle, a lot of truly delicious culinary creations have gone unrecognized. Here, we have food-photo overload. Enjoy!

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My Stay in Jackson Hole: Part 4

Running and eating in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


…and running & food. The conclusion of my four-part Jackson Hole recap is pretty darn simple.

Our schedules were filled to the brim this week between meetings and events and wanting to get the insider’s guide to Jackson Hole. Every spare minute was spent on the go.

When my downtime-filled Thursday came along, I decided to devote it to a smorgasbord of local eats, with a little trail running mixed in. Take a look at these pics!

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