Outfits of the Week

Striped T-shirt from American Eagle, black skinny jeans Gap, Target flats | THE REAL LIFE | Outfits of the Week series, clothing, style, fashion, thrifty, dresses, casual office attire, running


This has been a busy (and warm!) week. It’s starting to feel like the Grease rehearsal schedule is catching up with me… but that just means this long holiday weekend is well-deserved and perfectly timed!

Take a look at the outfits from this past week: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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My 4th Stitch Fix: A Different Approach

My new approach to Stitch Fix styling


…kind of. Last time around, I changed my Style Profile to more expensive items, because I wanted to focus on business event attire and looking more professional. My stylist Leah knocked it out of the park!

However, I also had to realize that, in general, I need to get more aggressive in my saving strategy for a new apartment coming up in July.

Here’s how I compromised…

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