Celebrating 1 Year at Barolo Grill!

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Denver Date Night

I can’t believe I met the man a year ago! We’ve had such a great time together these past 12 months, running, laughing, and savoring delicious food (and life) together. We decided to go back to Barolo Grill, where we celebrated 6 months back in August.

We had no idea that this visit would surpass our expectations in every way. Literally everything was outstanding.

Take a look (but not if you’re hungry!)

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Date Night at Zengo Denver

Taste-testing Zengo Denver's new menu | THE REAL LIFE food, restaurants, Denver, foodie, Colorado eats


This past Saturday, the man and I visited Zengo Denver in Riverfront Park, to taste-test their new menu—just in time for spring and summer! It was the perfect date night.

I knew we were in for a delicious evening… on top of revisiting my favorite dishes from my first Zengo outing, we tried a handful of new menu items. Almost all of them were dynamite. Here’s a photo recap!

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Cheers to the New Chinatown: Hop Alley

Cheers to the New Chinatown: Hop Alley Denver cocktails, named after the Chinese zodiac.


Every day in Denver, a new restaurant opens and an old restaurant closes. If you quit your day job and dedicated all your waking hours to visiting every restaurant in this city, you’d never finish your list before a quarter of them had been replaced.

Last night, a handful of work colleagues went to try the new Hop Alley, whose concept is traditional, regional Chinese food served family style.

The most well-versed foodie at the table was heard saying, “I might be partial because I love Asian food, but this might be the best food in Denver.”

Brace yourself for all the food & drink photos.

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The Perfect Day at Denver’s Coors Field

The Perfect Day: leaving work early, getting free tickets to the Colorado Rockies baseball game versus the Giants, and eating a delicious hot dog.


When a colleague hands you and your two favorite work-wives three free tickets to a Colorado Rockies game, you scramble to get the day’s work done by noon so you can dip out and enjoy baseball, sunshine, and hotdogs!

It was the absolute most perfect day, spending a warm and breezy Thursday afternoon at the baseball field. Here’s a photo recap along with why the day was so wonderful.

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Arguably the Best Avocado Toast in Denver

BLACK EYE COFFEE in CAP HILL: Arguably the best avocado toast in Denver. Eating in Denver, Denver Colorado restaurants, healthy eating, health breakfast recipes


I could eat “breakfast foods” for each and every meal. (Let’s be honest though, all foods are breakfast foods.) My absolute go-to breakfast (break-feast!) is a garlic, mushroom, spinach, egg, and cheese burrito (with white flour tortillas because no substitutes even come close to comparison in taste and chewiness).

I love avocado toast, but I find it’s hard to incorporate as many flavors into avocado toast as it is my beloved breakfast burrito tradition. However, my whole Avocado Toast Paradigm was dramatically shifted recently after visiting a new coffee spot in Capitol Hill.

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