Celebrating 1 Year at Barolo Grill!

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Denver Date Night

I can’t believe I met the man a year ago! We’ve had such a great time together these past 12 months, running, laughing, and savoring delicious food (and life) together. We decided to go back to Barolo Grill, where we celebrated 6 months back in August.

We had no idea that this visit would surpass our expectations in every way. Literally everything was outstanding.

Take a look (but not if you’re hungry!)

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It’s National Pizza Day!

Amazing pizza recipes.jpg


Let us take a moment of silence…

This should be a national holiday, in my book. To celebrate, I’ve pulled together some of my all-time favorite pizzas, either procured from divine pizza establishments or made by the pizza-lovin’ man and me.

May my ode to the world’s greatest round creation since the wheel inspire you to indulge on this holiest of Thursdays.

(Turns out I have eaten a LOT of pizza…)

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A Breakfast Date at The Wooden Spoon

BRUNCH IN THE DENVER HIGHLANDS: The Wooden Spoon Cafe and Bakery


This weekend was a bit crazy, so instead of a date night, the man and I scheduled a Breakfast Date!

We have a running list of date ideas, as well as one for breakfast places to visit. Yeah, we’re that cool. This time around, the lists overlapped and we planned a romantic brunch at The Wooden Spoon Cafe & Bakery in the Highlands.

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Cheers to the New Chinatown: Hop Alley

Cheers to the New Chinatown: Hop Alley Denver cocktails, named after the Chinese zodiac.


Every day in Denver, a new restaurant opens and an old restaurant closes. If you quit your day job and dedicated all your waking hours to visiting every restaurant in this city, you’d never finish your list before a quarter of them had been replaced.

Last night, a handful of work colleagues went to try the new Hop Alley, whose concept is traditional, regional Chinese food served family style.

The most well-versed foodie at the table was heard saying, “I might be partial because I love Asian food, but this might be the best food in Denver.”

Brace yourself for all the food & drink photos.

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