Daily Diet: Workday Eats

Fridge full of meal prep foods, health eating

Meal Preppin‘ for the Win

Happy Wednesday! How’s your week going?

I thought I’d share a little sample of what my meals have looked like lately. This installment includes tons of veggiesfruitsgrains, and fish!

The man is so good at packing lunches and planning meals, and I’m really loving the routine. It’s economical and sets you up for success (except for outlier-days like Burrito-gate).

Take a look!

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Blender Muffins: Oatmeal, Banana, & Dark Chocolate

Clean Eating Banana Oat Dark Chocolate Chip Blender Muffins Healthy


It’s summertime, which means we’ve broken out the blender for refreshing fruit smoothies and healthy nut-butter shakes.

But who would’ve guessed the blender could be used to make easy, grab-and-go running fuel? Enter the Blender Muffin phenomenon, thanks to a (slightly modified) Pinterest recipe.

Bonus: they’re Clean Eating!

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