Outfits & Updates of the Week + I’m Sick!

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TGIF, for real, folks. It’s been a trying week for our little fam. I’ve been sick, Nick’s been getting up at 4 every morning to catch up on grading, and Harps has decided she needs to go potty at 1-2 am several mornings, just for fun. Oy!

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Harper’s First Hike


This weekend was full of excitement for our almost-six-month-old pup. We took her to Sloan’s LakeΒ with friends on Saturday and her first hike at Rollins Pass on Sunday. Needless to say, she was a very tired (and happy) doggo.

Here are our weekend snapshots.

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Oops! It’s Been a While

september 6

Outfits of the Last Few Weeks

Sorry I’ve been so MIA, guys! To be honest, I’ve been hella busy and not all that interested in blogging, as it takes a lot of time to write/optimize even the most mundane of posts. But since I’ve got a ton of exciting things to fill you in on: Three Amigas’ Retreat in the Pacific Northwest, Nick’s Run Rabbit Run 100, Harper’s rapid growth

I figured I needed too start somewhere. So here are some outfits from the past two weeks, and then next week I’ll (hopefully) give you a rundown of that other fun stuff!

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All the Photos in the Known Universe!


Happy Monday! And it’s a really happy Monday because I work today and tomorrow and then IΒ fly to Seattle for the Three Amigas’ Retreat with my besties! I’m so excited!

I haven’t been feeling inspired to blog lately, which means there have been a lot of unshared photos (including last week’s outfits)… until now. Enjoy!

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Outfits of the Week


Happy Friday!

Last weekend was a welcome reprieve, with Nick’s sister Ava visiting and really leaning into vacation mode. But this week has felt long, and I can’t quite explain why. Maybe I’m still recovering from Hello Dolly. Or maybe it’s just life with a pup. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, this Outfits post is going live automatically because I’m currently spending the morning with Nick and his mom in Swarthmore, PA!

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Weekend Snapshots



Serious Vacation Mode

Nick’s sister Ava is visiting us (from NYC), and our weekend with her was so much fun! We’ve been celebrating her 30th and partaking in vacation-style shenanigans in general, represented in the photo above: champagne, wine, coffee, repeat. Also, food.

In other news: Harper is a giant moose/dear. Just, look.

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