Updates + A Boulder Photo Shoot


Oh, Hey

Hi friends! I’ve been MIA this week due to a busy life. Nick’s mom Barbara was in Denver visiting for the weekend, and then Nick and I got back-to-back stomach bugs (that sounds weird). I got sick; he took care of me. Then he got sick; I took care of him. I think we’d both be dead if we’d gotten it at the same time!

Trying to keep up with blogging every day is hard. This week I’ve focused on feeling healthy and being on top of things at work. So, in lieu of an outfits post today, I’ve got a slew of photos from my head shot session with Be Boulder Photography this past Saturday… and some couples shots, too (+ Nick’s mama)! Take a look and enjoy.

Photos taken before the sickness struck. And no, we’re not engaged. 😉 BEWARE: You are going to see a LOT of my face.

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The Difference 30 Pounds Makes

Losing 30 pounds with intuitive eating and running | THE REAL LIFE Blog | fitness, exercise, health, running, half marathon, working out, healthy eating, intuitive eating


This is a tough post to write. Vulnerability at its finest.

I want to revisit the me 30+ pounds ago, reflect upon how different I’ve become, and remember why the weight loss means more to me than just a pretty picture.

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Perfectionisms: Self-Abuse Disguised as Self-Improvement

How to beat perfectionism.jpg


On a run in City Park a few weeks ago, the man and I talked about how we’re both prone to perfectionism, how we both let the ultimate goal sometimes sabotage the smaller progresses, how the black-and-white, all-or-nothing way of thinking when it comes to certain goals (fitness, finance, career, etc.)  is sneaky and seductive, making us think we aren’t (ever) enough, setting us up for self-scolding and, ultimately, self-sabotage.

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How I’ve Maintained Weight With Intuitive Eating

How I've maintained weight with intuitive eating; weight loss, fitness, health, weight loss journey, running, eating right, healthy eating

First, I lost 30 pounds the wrong way

I was going through an extremely stressful period of life, and instead of packing on more pounds (which is my tendency during turmoil), I lost my appetite altogether. I’d go far too long without a reasonable meal. I also was trying to bring my spending down to almost nothing, so I’d opt for 50-cent packages of ramen noodles or rice. Not fun!

The 30 pounds—which I’d gained over years of trying to numb sadness with food—disintegrated in a rapid 3 months. This put me in danger of boomeranging the other direction once I got back on my feet. Enter: intuitive eating, which has saved my relationship with food—and with myself.

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