Meet Sophia Rose

Hello there, world! Last time I checked in was in January of this year, and my how things have changed. A week after her due date, miss Sophia Rose entered the world — and it was true love at first sight. She just turned six months old and is sleeping through the night (for the most part), which means I’m finally able to come up for air and post a few photos here. Enjoy!

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The Most Incredible Italian Honeymoon

I’m here to share all the fun details from our European romp back in July 2019! Better late than never, right?

This trip was something out of a fairy tale. We were met with breath-taking landscapes, marvelous people, and truly out-of-this-world culinary experiences. Let’s dive in. (This will be a long post. Buckle up.)

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What I’ve Gained From Eating Disorder Recovery

Exploring Rome with Nick on our honeymoon in Italy, July 2019

The morning of June 8, 2018, I woke up to the news that Anthony Bourdain had died from an apparent suicide. I can’t quite express to you the way this news broke me. For anyone who’s felt this way before, even just the mention of suicide is triggering. I wept because I wanted to die, too. I was in such emotional pain and agony. Everything in my life was so beautiful, but within me there was a violent war between what felt like life-or-death needs. One side wanted freedom around food, complete, unconditional self-love and -acceptance; the other side could not relinquish the illusion of controlling my body, my worth, my loveableness. An endless war with no concessions. I just couldn’t see my way out.

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My Approach to Weight Overshoot in Restrictive-Eating-Disorder Recovery

my approach to weight overshoot in restrictive-eating-disorder recovery

Happy Friday!

I want to talk about a subject that is on my mind often these days, a subject that many people who are embarking on restrictive-eating-disorder recovery will likely be Googling in moments of panic, like I’ve been doing on a daily basis: weight set-point overshoot, and whether it’s temporary or not, and how not to go utterly insane about it or allow it to cause full or partial relapse.

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We’re Married!


Nick and I are officially husband and wife, not even three years after we met. It’s pretty amazing what life can bring you when you take some crazy chances and make room for new things to materialize.

Better late than never: Here are the details and a few dozen photos of our wedding day!

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Why I’ve Been AWOL


Hey there. It’s been a hot second.

Okay, so it’s been over 6 months since my last post here on The “Real” Life. I realize now that the original vision behind this blog—reflected even in its title—has been quite deceptive. I thought I’d create a lifestyle blog that wasn’t afraid of showing the messy bits of life and talking about difficult things… but somehow things derailed a bit.

Time to get honest and share some things with you.

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A Memorial in Ponte Vedra


My Grandma Richetti passed away at the end of April. My parents were able to be there with her in her final hours, hold her hand, whisper sweet memories into her ear, and say their goodbyes. Instead of rush down for the funeral, our immediate family made the executive decision to all come home for Memorial Day weekend and have a celebration of her life, and to make more memories of our own.

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