My Approach to Weight Overshoot in Restrictive-Eating-Disorder Recovery

my approach to weight overshoot in restrictive-eating-disorder recovery

Happy Friday!

I want to talk about a subject that is on my mind often these days, a subject that many people who are embarking on restrictive-eating-disorder recovery will likely be Googling in moments of panic, like I’ve been doing on a daily basis: weight set-point overshoot, and whether it’s temporary or not, and how not to go utterly insane about it or allow it to cause full or partial relapse.

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We’re Married!


Nick and I are officially husband and wife, not even three years after we met. It’s pretty amazing what life can bring you when you take some crazy chances and make room for new things to materialize.

Better late than never: Here are the details and a few dozen photos of our wedding day!

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