Weekend Snapshots + Gotcha Date!


Joseph rehearsal, an early morning run, the farmers’ market and more.


On Saturday, Nick went for a long run and I headed off to a long four-hour rehearsal for Joseph in Conifer. I absolutely love learning choreography, and since I’ve been wanting to take all the dance classes in the Universe lately, I see this as an opportunity to get 8 (free!) hours of dancing in a week! It’s so much fun. Bonus: I get to hang out with theater people, new and old.


Here we have what I call, Harper reads The New Yorker. She looks so dignified! She has you fooled.


Because of the choreography schedule this week, I haven’t felt inspired to run very much. Sunday morning, Nick and I went for a jog around the park and added a little neighborhood running to make it an even 5 miles. I felt great afterward, like usual.


We then headed to the Pearl Street Farmers’ Market, with Harper in tow. We snagged some delicious shiitake mushrooms and sweet cherries (which we polished off on the drive home).

Our realtor Meghan Quiat (with Porchlight Realty) has become a good friend of ours. She was holding some moving boxes for us in her garage, so we stopped by her place to pick them up. Since we had the doggo along for the ride, Meghan invited us to hang out in her backyard while her pup Howard and Harper romped and played. It’s safe to say Harper had a great day!

Gotcha Date!


Today is the anniversary of our engagement day! I can’t believe The Most Amazing Weekend of My Life was a year ago. And now we’ve just bought a house! We do a lot of big things in June, apparently (like adopt Harper).

Things on my mind lately:

The Fuck It Diet (my mentality about food, weight, and life lately)
The Artist’s Way (I’m on week one, but boy am I inspired.)

I might blog about these thought-provoking philosophies in the next 6 months or so. For now, I’m trying them on for size and seeing where they take me!

How was your weekend?



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