A Memorial in Ponte Vedra


My Grandma Richetti passed away at the end of April. My parents were able to be there with her in her final hours, hold her hand, whisper sweet memories into her ear, and say their goodbyes. Instead of rush down for the funeral, our immediate family made the executive decision to all come home for Memorial Day weekend and have a celebration of her life, and to make more memories of our own.


(I’m not sure what was said to get this lovely outtake, but it’s even better than the posed version!)

The weekend was brief but highly concentrated. We ate tons of great food, reminisced memories of Grandma, read through old letters and memorabilia, and played a lot of rounds of Hook.


Nick won a round!


Of course there was candy by my bedside table.


The forecast initially included rain, rain and more rain, but Saturday was surprisingly beautiful. We spent a few hours at the pool, watching my dorky parents play a game they invented called “Bonk.” The objective is to hit the other person in the head with a tennis ball. Yep.


It’s not a Richetti reunion without a trip to Cruiser’s Grill in Jax Beach.


Emily was able to come down Saturday afternoon, which meant we did our Carprov ritual, as per usual.


Friendship love.



We closed on our new house yesterday! It really hasn’t sunk in, especially since we won’t be moving in until late June or early July, but I can not wait to get my hands on that house and start working some interior design magic. I know it will take months… but I welcome the exercise in patiently and deliberately making our house a home, to build a family and a legacy just like each of my grandparents and parents have done. ❤


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