A Photo Check-in


I’m back to share a little peek on what’s been going on lately. I’m just going to dive right in with photos and captions, for time’s sake.

Full disclosure: This recap consists mostly of food, outfits, and the adorable Harper-pup. Enjoy!



Here’s a white flowy top I got from my most recent Stitch Fix (with our La Jolla trip in mind). I wore it to a weekend get-together. Also, some laundry and a lounging Harps in the background.


Here’s the flowy top again, with a skirt for work. SO exciting. 🙂


A little business casual during the workweek.


This past Thursday Colorado Homes & Lifestyles threw a party at Margot Elena‘s shop in the Denver Tech Center. I wore my new Stitch Fix maxi dress. These ladies are way too much fun!



Harps is as cute as ever! She’s either crazy-wild-annoying or sleepy. There isn’t much in-between these days.


I love our early-morning cuddles.


A couple weekends ago we took her to Cherry Creek State Park for a good romp. She had a blast.


Here, Nick is trying to do some training with her hyper-distracted brain.


This is what Harper looks like after a big event like a visit to the park or a long walk. A tired pup equals a happy pup!


For the past two weeks, I’ve been a bit more deliberate about training Harps to be a runner. She usually maxes out at the 1-mile point, but this morning she did a good 2-mile run, more or less. She still stops to eat sticks and drive-by-chomp on grass, but she’s slowly-but-surely getting better. She’s still a baby!


This might be my favorite photo of all time! A sleepy man and pup.



After our vacation-fest in La Jolla, I returned feeling sluggish and discouraged about my weight maintenance journey.  A side-by-side progress photo usually does the trick. Always remind yourself how far you’ve come!


We’ve been doing green smoothies on weekday mornings, which I’m loving! No, they’re not the typical egg scramble and toast, but we still get to enjoy that meal, either for dinner or on the weekends. The best thing about an early morning smoothie is that I can run with Harper an hour later and feel great! I don’t trust running in the morning on an empty stomach, but running after a giant breakfast is not a recipe for success.


Here’s a gorgeous shot of Liz and Roland’s tablescape for Shabbat dinner a few weekends ago!


Fruit snacks. 🙂


Breakfast for dinner! A broccoli fritter (under the fried egg) with a tortilla, avocado, and tomato. Yum!


This is an Italian creation by The Man. Look at all that red, white and green!


Another dinner shot: This time it’s farrow with cherry tomatoes, arugula, mozzarella, and orange bell pepper, mixed in a balsamic dressing. (Hummus, tortillas, and wine, too.)


This past weekend I was in a baking mood! I decided to combine a few different recipes for healthy protein brownies.


The result was beautiful, but the consistency was a little too gooey. We ended up putting the brownies into our yogurt + peanut butter morning snack, and we might even try adding it to our smoothie for extra protein and thickness.


I’ve been craving tuna poke for weeks now, so this weekend after seeing a few houses in Wheat Ridge and Lakewood, we decided to finally indulge at Poke City on Colorado Boulevard. So good!


Annnnnd here’s a photo of the coconut milk risotto I made for dinner last night. Nick ran 20 miles, so I thought I’d take cooking off of his hands for once! It tasted much better than it looks!

Alright, that’s it for now. How’re you guys doing?






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