Harper-Doggo Updates


Warning: This blog post is FULL of cuteness.

In the past two months, Harper’s personality has gotten even more fun. She has more gumption and sass than any dog I’ve ever known! (Most of the time it’s cute, but other times it’s not. We’re working on that.)


Crazy doggo

In just a week, she’ll officially be 10 months old! We are about to start introducing her to short (1-mile or so) runs, with hopes of eventually taking her around the park most days. She is such a high-energy dog and will be the perfect running companion!


(Rope mouth!)

Nick must love this pup because after teaching high school kids all day, and then running at the park, he takes Harps for an hour-long walk around the neighborhood. She loves it, of course, but isn’t tired enough afterward and wants to play fetch for at least 15 minutes. I’ve never seen a dog so aggressively ask to play with her rope! She knows the command “Get your rope!” and will obey it no matter where you are. Worker pup!


All that energy takes it toll, though. Harper is a seriously napper and a hardcore dreamer. She full-on gallops in her dreams most days, and it’s the cutest (… also most terrifying) thing to watch. I always wonder if she’s having a seizure!


Speaking of sleeping, we’ve transitioned the dummy from her crate to our bed at night! The main reason (besides cuddles) was to see if it deterred her from crying at 3 am. And it did. Turns out, she didn’t have to go outside… she just wanted to be with us. Cry baby!


She thinks she can sleep in Nick’s spot. No, ma’am!


That’s better.

She is such a snuggly lover. In the morning, after we take her out and feed her breakfast, she wants to play fetch for a while… and then she’s ready for her morning nap. I sip my coffee, read a book, and enjoy puppy cuddles before going off to work.


This was such a great book! Also: “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” by Semple, too.


I’m currently reading this classic by Harper’s namesake. Can you believe I’d never read the book before? Better late than never.

6 thoughts on “Harper-Doggo Updates

  1. Shannon Paige says:

    Oh my god. I just cant with the rope in the mouth, ahhhhh!! So freaking cute!! And that is some determination to give them an hour walk after all that work and running BUT i know with me, my dogs energize me as soon as i get home i wanna play with them too.

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