my portfolio + current endeavors

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Hi again, friends! I’m been busy with a few new things a-brewin’.

I finally got around to creating a professional website, to serve as my content creation portfolio and also as a home for a side project I’ve been working on for a while.

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Harper-Doggo Updates


Warning: This blog post is FULL of cuteness.

In the past two months, Harper’s personality has gotten even more fun. She has more gumption and sass than any dog I’ve ever known! (Most of the time it’s cute, but other times it’s not. We’re working on that.)

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A Photo Attack From Christmas


I’m the worst and haven’t found the time or energy to post simple updates on this blog since we got back from Swarthmore. Forgive me!

Instead of writing a full-fledged recap, I’m just going to post all the photos along with 1-2 sentences about each one. Enjoy!

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