My 31st Birthday Weekend!


A Long Run + Lots of Goodies

Happy Tuesday, guys! It’s a busy week at work, gearing up for another holiday week out of the office, so I’m a little late in recapping my birthday weekend extravaganza.

Nonetheless, it was a great segue into the actual early 30s… how is that real?


My birthday eve kicked off the weekend on a sweet note. My work wife (and good friend) Michelle surprised me with the Minimalist Baker’s cookbook and three cake pops for breakfast! Naturally, I ate the chocolate one and quickly gave the other two away before I ate them, too.


On Friday afternoon, the whole office went out to Homegrown Tap & Dough to celebrate my birthday (and the fact that it was Friday afternoon)! The server thought I ordered a Margherita pizza, so they brought one out and the pizza I ordered (The Fun Guy, a mushroom deliciousness) and I ate both… or almost both. No judgment. (Nick got the leftovers.)

After lunch, I finished up work from home and then took the pup on a long walk (and talked to my momma on the phone) to help digest.


The Man picked up some birthday flowers from Whole Foods. They’re beautiful!


Saturday morning, we had a delicious breakfast, our usual, and then I opened more presents. The Man booked a trip to San Diego for Spring Break! I can’t wait for our beach vacation! He also got me a pair of Feejays, sweatpants with footies on them. That is true love, you guys, given that I look like a homeless baby in them. But they are AMAZING. Perhaps I’ll snap a photo when it’s cold enough to wear them (probably soon!).


Among the handful of gifts was the Humans of New York book from my momma. Love!


After breakfast and gifts, we geared up for a 12-mile trail run at Green Mountain.


What started off as a rough run for me turned into one of my strongest long trail runs to date. I felt so good afterward, pushing pace, attacking hills and such. Birthday run for the win!


After our run, we relaxed for a bit before Nick set out to make a red velvet birthday cake from scratch. (Hi, Harper!)


Three layers of cream-cheese-frosting-filled goodness. Yum!


For my birthday dinner, we headed out to Il Posto‘s new location in RiNo. We went to their original location last year for my 30th, and since the food was exquisite we wanted to check out its new spot. I made sure to wear my stretchy black moto leggings (from Stitch Fix) to accommodate all the courses. 😉


My handsome date! Everyday feels like a big birthday celebration with this guy. Puke, I know. But it’s true.

Side note: Il Posto’s new location is super modern and cool, but I have to admit… I miss the dark and intimate old location, too.


We ordered the burrata (sooooo good) and the candela (a beef fat candle with herbs!? see below) but unfortunately, out of nowhere my stomach started to ache very badly, probably because of the long run (that happens sometimes). I tried to take bites of every course, but we ended up packing everything up and leaving early. I felt so bad! Thankfully the stomach ache went away an hour or two later, and I was able to enjoy all the delicious courses in my pajamas, so I call that a win.


Once you get over the strangeness of this thing, you realize it’s delicious. It’s like oil and herbs but better.


We also got the kale pesto risotto, linguine with veggies, and steak, all to go.


(Not the best picture, but it was spicy and scrumptious.)

On Sunday, we took the pup on an hour-and-a-half walk, took an hour nap, and then did housework and cleaned for about three hours. That evening I suited up to run a couple miles at the gym, but when I got there… I realized they were closed (Sunday hours). I took it as a sign to just go home and take a bubble bath, which I did gladly. 🙂 I made up for it Monday night with a 4.5-mile fartlek run around Wash Park. Trying to get into 33k-shape!

This coming weekend we fly to Philly for Christmas! What’re you looking forward to?





11 thoughts on “My 31st Birthday Weekend!

  1. maureengetsreal says:

    Sounds like a great birthday weekend (minus the stomachache) to me! I hope you have a great time in Philly! I’m looking forward to my holiday lunch at work tomorrow before I head to my parents house in Chicago for the holiday weekend.

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