Outfits of the Week


This is the first week we’ve let Harper sleep at the foot of the bed, which has translated to getting much more sleep and thus… a semi-operating brain in the morning to remember to snap outfit photos.

I also got rid of almost half of my wardrobe, which, oddly enough, has led me to put together some new combos. Not the most exciting by any means, but take a look.


Monday, December 4, 2017

I finally invested in a new pair of dark skinny jeans from Gap, which were 50 percent off during their Cyber Monday sale. The tan suede booties were on the sale rack at Target.

  • jeans, Gap
  • patch sweater, Stitch Fix
  • booties, Target


It was 25 degrees on Monday night, but for some reason, I decided to wear shorts to the gym. I was glad to have them inside, but my legs froze completely on the way home! I’m including this silly picture because I’ve registered for the Moab Red Hot 33k with Nick and our friend Jesse (who’s running the 50k) in February! Ah! Bring on the training…


Harper photo bomb.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

After cleaning out and organizing my closet, I re-discovered this top I’d completely forgotten about. I pair it with a skirt and voila, felt like I had a completely new outfit. Oh, the tricks of a lady with a tight wardrobe budget.

  • blouse, Forever 21
  • skirt, Forever 21
  • tights, Target
  • booties, DSW (which I finally brought back to life with shoe polish! yay!)


Tuesday was a rough day at work, so The Man did a little damage control with this haul of wine and chocolate. He’s made of gold, you guys.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Another new-to-me ensemble.

  • dress, Ralph Lauren (found at Ross)
  • cardigan, Forever 21
  • tights, Target
  • booties, DSW


Thursday, December 7, 2017

I got this Banana Republic sweater at Buffalo Exchange on South Broadway for $13, with intentions of it doubling as my “Ugly Sweater” for Thursday evening’s holiday office party at Hapa Sushi. Also: new black skinny jeans, also from the Gap sale!

  • sweater, Banana Republic (found at Buffalo Exchange)
  • black skinny jeans, Gap
  • black booties, DSW


I made my sweater ugly by decking it with covers and logos of our “competitor” magazines. A good use of office supplies, in my opinion! I got a new-to-me sweater, that I can wear more than once a year, for $13 and then ended up getting a gift card to Ulta for winning second place in the ugly sweater contest. Boom.


Laura, who hand-sewed funky 80s sleeves to her sweater, won first place. You can’t even see our hard work very well in this picture. Oh well. We were excited about our prizes (and sushi and an open bar).


Friday, December 8, 2017

For some reason I was feeling a weird 70s casual/glam accessories vibe this morning… I even painted my nails! I think I’m excited for Friday and a Mountain Living edit lunch at Piatti in Cherry Creek. Yum!


  • bellbottom jeans, Gap (old AF)
  • striped T, Target
  • navy suede booties, Target (sale)
  • necklace, Forever 21
  • sweater, Anthropologie

I need to invest in some skinny belts that fit my hips (and not my waist for dresses)…

Happy Friday, guys! What’s on your weekend schedule?


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