Thanksgiving in Florida + Other Fun Things


Hi, friends! It’s been a while. Whoops! For the past month or so, I’ve been working on another exciting Web project and thus, The Real Life has taken the back seat recently.

But I’m hoping to keep updating you all (hi, Mom!) on the fun little goings-on in our life, especially when it comes to Harper-pupdates, who is by far the most fun thing to see on this blog. 😉 Am I right?


Nick and I arrived in Ponte Vedra to beautiful weather. It rained here and there, but that’s pretty typical of a Floridian Thanksgiving. We spent six days with the Richetti fam, eating, playing cards, running, and then eating some more.


Here’s an example of how we Italians do things: We had a giant spaghetti-and-meatball dinner the evening before Thanksgiving. Why not, right? When in Rome…


This was the best we could by way of group photos. Hey, we had other priorities!


And of course, what is a trip back to the beach without a pit stop at Cruiser’s Grill? This was the day after Thanksgiving. Ouch!


I won one round of our infamous family card game, Hook, which meant that I had to wear a Squatty Potty crown. This family is ridiculous. 🙂


Somehow, this week was my highest mileage week… EVER. We ran 13.1 on Sunday, flew into Florida on Monday, then ran 6 miles Tuesday, 5 miles Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday (at the gym, because it was pouring), and then another 6 on Friday. We flew back home on Saturday, and then ran 14 on Lair o’ the Bear on Sunday. Talk about making up for all that delicious food! (although I don’t think we scratched the surface…)


While we were gone, Harper stayed at City Bark on 8th. She did very well but came back super stinky since we opted out of the torture session bath that they recommend. We gave her a bath ourselves the minute we got home!


I’ve been terrible about posting Outfits of the Week! Ah! Here is one for good measure. The sweater and jeans are both Stitch Fix keeps that I absolutely love. The booties are from Target and still going strong.


This past week, the Mountain Living staff drove up to Aspen for our 2017 Home of the Year party at Kitchen Aspen, which was a giant success!


In other fun news, we finally allowed Harps to sleep in our bed last night! We figured we might as well try and see if that cuts down on her crying-at-3-am shenanigans. She slept through the night and was so sweet and cuddly! We’ve now confirmed that she cries because she wants to be with us, not because she’s not able to hold it that long. She also just turned 8 months old and is better behaved than ever! (However, that doesn’t say much, lol)

I’m hoping to be back again this week with more life updates. To be continued!

What’ve you guys been up to??




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