Another Week in the Books


Harper says, “I’m ready for the weekend!”


Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday feels like, maybe, 800 years ago. This week has been a long one!

  • gray turtle neck sweater, Target
  • black moto leggings, Stitch Fix
  • black booties, DSW


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I love how seriously my office takes Halloween! We had a costume contest, and I won Best Overall! The prize was a Starbucks gift card. Bottoms up!

Monday night, I had a great voice lesson and then crashed in bed. Long day.


Nick made a delicious breakfast frittata that we ate for some of our meals this week! It featured zucchini, sweet potato, peppers, and eggs, topped with tomatoes and cilantro. My obsession with tomatoes hasn’t even begun to die down…


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Wednesday morning I had an early doctor’s appointment to check up on how things were going since that scary medical procedure. Great news: My body has completely healed itself, and I no longer need to go in for check-ups every 3 months! Woohoo!

Here you can see Harper investigating the scene.

  • Denim shirt, Target
  • Dark blue skinnies, Gap
  • Light-blue suede heels, Ross


Wednesday evening we steeled ourselves for a week-night Puppy 2 class at the Denver Paw School. Harper was surprisingly good at the “Leave it!” command, but we really have to work on her “Stay” in high-distraction environments. That pup is such a ball of energy! Three more months until we can start training her to be a runner dog!


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thursday was my momma’s birthday! I love this picture of us from her birthday last year. Yes, in Florida you can sit by the pool in a swimsuit and sip daiquiris. We’ll be back there in just a couple weeks for Thanksgiving!


  • Black dress, Target
  • Striped collared tank, H&M
  • Black tights, Target
  • Black booties, DSW

I love this outfit! I hadn’t thought to put my sleeveless collared blouse under a dress before… but now I can never go back!


Thursday afternoon, the Mountain Living staff met up at the Denver Art Museum for the Her Paris exhibit, focusing on women artists in the age of impressionism.


Not only did I love seeing the art and reading the artists’ stories (these women were incredible badasses, especially for their time), but I also loved the design of the gallery space, which is transformed completely for each new exhibit. The walls were a deep turquoise and all the frames were gorgeous, like this one.


Afterward, I knew I had to hit the gym. I’ve been struggling lately with weeknight workouts, and I hadn’t run since our 2.6-mile recovery run on Sunday afternoon.


Instead of joining the ladies for a happy hour drink, I went home, walked Harper for 45 minutes, and then ran 5 miles on the treadmill at the Wash Park Rec Center. Nick had parent/teacher conferences and I wasn’t in the mood to run the park for some reason. The treadmill can sometimes really help me focus, probably because it eliminates distractions and steadies my pace.


The walk back to my car was a gorgeous one. I absolutely love sunsets at Wash Park! Although sunrises are pretty darn beautiful, too. The Boat House was a serious wedding venue contender, but it’s just too congested around here on any given night and the facilities are less than stellar. It’s near and dear to our hearts, though!


Friday, November 3, 2017

Annnnd that brings us to today! Like I said, this week has felt extra long. I’m ready for a laid-back night at home before running 12 miles at Lair o’ the Bear tomorrow! We also are planning on having dinner at Barolo tomorrow night. Lots to look forward to!

Happy weekend! What’s on your schedule?


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