10 Trail Miles + An Epic Halloween Party


Happy Halloweeeeeeeen, one of my favorite holidays ever! Extra spooky effect: A very dirty mirror.

This past weekend we hit the trails before hittin’ up the best Prohibition party ever.


(Nick, don’t hate me for posting this picture! I love you!)

Saturday morning, all geared up and ready to go, we set out to run 9 miles at South Table in Golden… but not before a quick stop at Runners Roost to try some new trail shoes…


I tried Asics, New Balance, and Brooks trail running shoes. The Brooks were the most versatile for trail and snow, and they look and feel great, so it was an easy choice.


We thought, why not give them a long-run test drive?


I’d never run at South Table before. It’s spectacularly beautiful out there. These pictures don’t even come close to doing it justice. That’s downtown Denver in the background!


The run felt so great that we ended up pushing it to 10 miles! The previous weekend’s 8-mile long run felt obscenely difficult (we’re talking, like, as if I’d never run a minute in my life!), so it was encouraging to have such a feel-good run. I had a runner’s high from mile 2 to mile 7. I’d say that’s pretty darn good!


After lunch, showers, and rest, we got all Gatsby-fied for our friends Jon and Erica’s Speakeasy Party!


Every detail was exquisitely planned. Here, they set up a photo-booth style corner where we could get quick mugshots and then share them appropriately.


The Man certainly cleans up well! While the cigarette is fake, the drink is very much real. 🙂


Erica spent weeks (or months?) transforming the house into the most amazing, Pinterest-worthy Speakeasy party setting. She even created a faux wall with a hidden door behind a bookshelf on wheels (I got a video but not a photo of it!). The brick wall you see above is completely handmade! All the drinks were 1920s-themed, of course. They even had a spread of fake cigarettes and other fun props.



I might’ve partaken in a cigar or two… (yep, that’s a mini Twix. My type of cigar!)


The food spread was on point, too. There was a crab dip that I’m sure had crack in it.


We left relatively early because we get tired quick… but not before playing the piano and giving everyone a good sense of my New York accent. Oh, alcohol.


Sunday morning, we walked around the corner to grab a Moe’s Bagel sandwich … from Waffle Brothers! I’d never been to that location, and I was more than thrilled to see that they had Moe’s Bagels in house. I ordered a sandwich with egg, cheese, onions, and avocado.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 7.36.42 AM.png

We then took Harper to Roland and Liz’s house for a romp in the yard. She had a great time! (Check out the slow-mo video on her Instagram, Harper the Bat Dog. She’s the cutest.)

After taking our semi-tired pup home, we went for a 30-minute run around the neighborhood to shake out my sore legs. The trail really challenged my muscles on Saturday! Then we hit up the grocery store and cleaned some around the house… typical Sunday shenanigans.


For dinner? A vegan lentil/mushroom burger (which crumbled into a falafel-type deliciousness), arranged with my favorite Greek yogurt-garlic-lemon juice sauce, mixed greens, tomato, and avocado. It was absolutely fantastic and just as good on Monday in our lunches!

Phew! It was such a fun weekend… and Happy Halloween! I’ll be dressing back up in my flapper costume for work and a voice lesson tonight… here’s to hoping I don’t freeze!

Question of the Day: What are/were you for Halloween?

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