Weekend Snapshots


Long Run + Pup Hike

This weekend Nick and I went on an eight-mile long run as part of my training for the Moab Red Hot (we haven’t registered yet, though). It was the hardest run of my life for literally no reason! No worries, though. Sunday was beautiful and productive, which quickly erased any discouragement I’d been feeling.

Friday evening:

Because we wanted to preserve our weekend free time, we booked a Paw School “puppy 2” class for the pup on Friday at 6:00 (instead of Saturday at 11:00 am). Harper was beyond excited to be back at school. She was energetic X 1,000,000. It’s safe to say we were utterly exhausted afterward (while she was still going strong)!

About that long run on Saturday morning:

We originally wanted to run it at South Table, but it was far too windy that day. Instead we went to Wash Park and did three loops… and with every step, my legs felt like lead. My breathing was short and tight in my upper chest. Some runs are like that… and it can seriously get you down. To use an apt analogy, I felt like the run scooped me out like a pumpkin. All my feelings, anxieties, and demons had nowhere to hide! So they all came out and it was gnarly. Like I said: Some runs are like that. What makes me feel infinitely better is when other, more experienced runners confirm this for me. It makes me feel a little less crazy! Feel free to chime in with your hard-run experiences, too. 🙂


Other Saturday things:

I didn’t get any pictures from our Saturday long run… I wasn’t in the mood! After a quick shower, we headed over to Poke City for some delicious poke tuna bowls and some wedding chat with my friend and coworker Leah, who is now our wedding planner. We learned a lot in just one quick lunch chat, and things feel even more exciting now!

Saturday night we headed over to Stricker’s for a Halloween movie party. We watched The Shining, which I’d never seen in its entirety before. It was kind of scary but mostly hilarious. When you watch an old scary movie with 20 people, you find a lot to laugh about.


High Line Canal with the Pup

After a couple hours of watching more Harry Potter (we’re halfway through the movies!) we headed to High Line Canal with Harper in tow. The fall colors are simply gorgeous right now. Incredible. We logged around 4 miles, and even ran into our friend Maurice out on his easy run.


Harper loves to steal bites of our apples!



I love these two dummies.



After our fun in the sun, Nick planned the upcoming week’s meals and did the grocery shopping while I did the laundry and cleaned (some of) the house. I was completely exhausted afterward and took a hot bath which I proceeded to FALL ASLEEP IN unexpectedly. I don’t even remember how it happened. I am the oldest person. Or a narcoleptic. Something to ponder.


A little sneak peek of this week’s meals! That’s an acorn squash on the bottom. So fall!


Continuing his food-man role, after prepping the week’s food, Nick went out to pick up a bottle of shiraz from Joy Wine & Spirits and a pizza from Cosmo’s, which we enjoyed while finishing up the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

How did the weekend go by so fast? How was yours?



4 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. Shannon Paige says:

    Looks like an awesome weekend! That run sounds amazing, I love when it makes you feel so much less anxious and everything. A Halloween movie party sounds so fun, we may be the shining couple for Halloween!


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