Weekend Snapshots


It’s Monday, October 9th and it’s snowing. What the what.

This weekend, however, was beautiful. Here’s a quick photo recap.


This is the view from my office. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be warm and sunny again. Colorado is weird.


Saturday morning, I took the pup for a long walk, and she did so well! She is getting exponentially smarter and better at all the things. I love her little face!


Hi, Harps! Good girl.


Cuddly puppy!


Sleepy from our walk!


After our walk, I took a shower and warmed up for an audition. I’m still sick and not feeling my best, like, at all. I ran a few errands beforehand for a work event later that evening, and then I auditioned for a company that has never called me back… and I didn’t get called back. I felt really great about my audition, though, and that was my goal, seeing as I was not optimistic about getting further in the running. It’s such a tough business sometimes, especially when it’s a show you really love. Le sigh.


After my audition, I ran a few more errands and then returned home with about half an hour to get ready for the Carousel Ball, a dinner and auction that benefits children’s diabetes research. Colorado Homes & Lifestyles is their media sponsor.



We got all fancified and saw George Lopez and Lenny Kravitz. Not bad for a work event! And of course, it’s for such a great cause.


Oh hey, Lenny!


On Sunday, we took the pup for a nice 2-mile hike at Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Look how nice the weather was! I hiked in a tank top!


We let Harper run around off leash for a while. She was so happy!

Sunday evening, I felt like the hike made my tonsils flare up again. This sickness is on its fifth week, and I’m entirely annoyed… I called the doctor to get more antibiotics, so we’ll see if that helps. Anyway. Happy Monday!

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