Outfits & Updates of the Week + I’m Sick!

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TGIF, for real, folks. It’s been a trying week for our little fam. I’ve been sick, Nick’s been getting up at 4 every morning to catch up on grading, and Harps has decided she needs to go potty at 1-2 am several mornings, just for fun. Oy!

The photo above is from Monday (Forever 21 dress + Target sandals!), when I felt great! The night before Nick’s race, I felt my throat hurting and my body aching. I went to a Steamboat clinic straight away, they diagnosed me with tonsillitis, and I started 10 days of antibiotics that evening. (I know I still need to write a recap of his race! I want to give it lots of time and attention, because it was such a monumental feat! Soon hopefully.)

Monday morning was my final dosage, and my tonsils finally looked normal again. After half a day at work, around the time I’d normally take my second antibiotic of the day, I started to feel just like I did 10 days prior… sick again! Boo.


I’ve been working in the office in the mornings, and working at home in the afternoons, since I start to feel really fatigued and drowsy around 1 or so. Le sigh. Harps has been snuggling me lots!

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Tuesday was a little chilly, so I went with my Gap skinny jeans (not so skinny anymore… I need to get some new pairs of pants! these are on their last leg, heh), Loft top, H&M sweater, and Target booties. Getting dressed and going into work in the mornings helped me feel almost healthy, but after a few hours of sitting upright the optimism wears off.

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I think you can see it on my face Wednesday morning! Not feeling great. Forever 21 skirt, Target top and sandals.


I was craving some seriously sweet comfort food, so we picked up some cookies and ice cream, for the win.


Nick made this squash-pepper-sweet potato frittata, which was warm and healthy and also comfort-foody. Yum!

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Thursday I just wanted something easy, so I reached for a dress that I hadn’t worn in a while, this orange summery thing that I got at Dillard’s a few years ago when I was 30 pounds heavier. It’s quite big on me now, so I found a teal belt and embraced the random color combo.


More puppy snuggles! On Thursday, September 21 (921!), Harper officially turned 6 months old! Her personality has changed for the better. She’s much more loving and bonded with us. Last night, Nick and I were cuddling on the couch talking about our wedding (!!), and she burrowed her way between us and nestled her head on our chests. She loves to lay her face on our faces, too! How sweet! I’ve never seen anything like it. πŸ™‚

Today I’m working from home, because I just had an awful morning coughing up a storm and not being able to lie down without all the coughing in North America. Last night I’d been feeling a lot better, and since I’ve been so excited to get active again, we went to the gym and I ran three miles. It might not’ve been the right time to run, judging by how I feel thing morning. Whoops.


I love this photo because you can see Nick arranging some white roses he picked up for me this week, to make me feel better. πŸ™‚ And Harps is looking ready to jump on the couch for another cuddle. These two are the best!

Here’s to hoping I feel better this weekend!


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