Harper’s First Hike


This weekend was full of excitement for our almost-six-month-old pup. We took her to Sloan’s Lake with friends on Saturday and her first hike at Rollins Pass on Sunday. Needless to say, she was a very tired (and happy) doggo.

Here are our weekend snapshots.


New Phones

Friday night we went to the homecoming game at Denver South High School, which was fun even though we both had an exhausting week. We had an assortment of food truck tacos and tater tot concoctions, and then crashed in bed afterward. Saturday morning, after some lazy time on the couch, we decided it was finally time to get Nick (and me) a new phone and to add me onto his AT&T plan. Fun weekend errands (not. although it was the easiest experience we’d had so far).


I think it’s safe to say Nick got an upgrade! His phone had been through the ringer. No pun intended. We each got an iPhone 7, which was perfectly timed; the new 8 just came out, which meant the 7 was less expensive.


Filming at the Park

Saturday afternoon we headed to Sloan’s Lake to film post-race thoughts about the Run Rabbit Run 100. Nick’s friend Brenden is making a documentary about the whole process. Can’t wait to see it!


While we each took our turns in front of the camera, the rest of us had a picnic in the park. We brought Harper along to practice her manners. She had a great time and was thoroughly exhausted.


Sloan’s Lake is gorgeous, especially the water. People were boating and paddle boarding and it made me feel less landlocked, which is my only caveat about Colorado. It’s not a far drive from our house, so we might be coming here more often.


Harper’s First Hike

Sunday morning, even though there was rain in the forecast for early afternoon, we decided it was time to take the dummy on her first mountain adventure.


Before we packed up for our trip, Nick and I did some life planning (booking flights, checking finances, and catching up with my momma) while sipping coffee. I left the couch for one second and Harper stole my seat! Rude. But cute.


Hey Harps, wanna take a hike?


At homecoming Friday night, we had our food-truck dinner with a couple who have two dogs, a 14-month-old baby, and another on the way, and they were talking about how they’ve learned to just take their crew wherever they go (mostly the baby so they aren’t stuck to the house or the baby’s at-home nap schedule). It inspired us to not be afraid to expose Harper to new experiences, since they need to happen anyway, even if we’re worried she doesn’t have the social skills or training for them yet. She’ll learn along the way.


We headed out to the James Peak Wilderness at Rollins Pass to explore. She was quite the energetic pup and loved all the new sights, smells, and sounds.


She also did really well with the “leave it” command, which we practiced hundreds of times as people and their dogs passed us on the trail. It was a busy morning.


The trail was rocky and there were a handful of little bridges that she could cross, agility-course-style.



My favorite view. 😉


We loved the sound of the creek, which was moving quickly. We tried to see if Harps wanted to take a drink from it, but she was a scaredy-pup.




It’s the perfect time of year to watch the Aspen leaves change colors.






Since we can’t run her until she’s about 10 months old, this was such great exercise for her body and her mind. We ended up hiking about 4.5 miles. I snapped the following photos on our drive home. She was out cold!



Sometimes she looks like a puppy, other times she looks like a grownup dog. This Thursday she’ll officially be 6 months old! It’s been so fun (and exhausting) watching her grow.

Sunday afternoon was filled with more productivity, like groceries and two loads of laundry. I made my signature dish for dinner: coconut milk risotto with mushrooms and spinach.


Yum! We had a few glasses of wine from our Joy Wine & Spirits wine club, and then I fell asleep at literally 8:15 pm… which was helpful, since Harps woke us up this morning at 4:15!

How was your weekend?


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