Three Amigas’ Retreat in the Pacific Northwest


Otherwise known as:

I’m in Love with Cannon Beach

I’m finally sharing my Three Amigas’ Retreat recap! It was such a great time, filled with new sights, tons of doughnuts, and invaluable time with my ladies.


Here’s a snapshot of our dinner the night before. Yes, our obsession with tuna steak is still going strong. I did an intense health kick the week before vacation, just in case all hell broke loose and I ate 1,000 doughnuts (which I did, so I know myself well).


Harper tried to tag along, but unfortunately Delta Airlines has a 50-pound luggage max.

Note: There are many pictures of people in this recap. We were too busy running around with kids and life and then sneaking away on secret adventures! Worth it.


After flying into Seattle, Hilary picked me up and took me to her home in Tumwater.ย This is Hilary’s Australian shepherd pup, Asher. He is so friendly and “stoopid” and cuddly. I took him on a run around the neighborhood, and he did so well!

Hilary’s twin boys are so much fun. I flew in really early Wednesday morning and had a great time the first day just tagging along for day-to-day things. We did groceries, went to meet their kindergarten teachers, took them to doctor’s appointments, and coaxed them into things like eating breakfast and taking medicine. I felt like part of the family. ๐Ÿ™‚


Sadly, thanks to Hurricane Harvey, Emily’s travel situations were all goofed up and she didn’t get to Seattle until Friday. Boo! Hilary had scheduled a trip for us to sneak away to Cannon Beach, Oregon (from that last scene of The Goonies!) and we couldn’t reschedule the reservation, so we made it a trip for two instead. The drive was so stunningly gorgeous. Words cannot express. I’ve been landlocked too long!


We stayed at Schooner’s Cove Inn, in a room right on the beach. The first thing we did was take off our shoes and walk the mile to the famous Haystack Rock.


There’s the view of our hotel from the beginning of our walk.



It was perfectly timed so that we could watch the sunset right when we got back.



After saying goodbye to the sun, we went to a laid-back tavern, ordered some fish & chips and clam chowder, and listened to a local band play. Le sigh.

The next morning we went to The Lazy Susan Cafe for breakfast and went on another walk to get coffee before heading into Portland on a hunt for doughnuts.


Yes, we drove an hour or so out of our way to visit the original VooDoo Doughnuts, on behalf of Hilary’s husband who is a big fan (solidarity, Josh!).



We got a dozen random doughnuts (some crudely named and shaped, for good measure) and I got a glimpse of Portland, which reminds me a lot of Denver.


When Emily got into town, we took the whole family to Olympic Game Farmย in Sequim, Washington. It’s basically a drive-through zoo… and you can feed the animals (whole-wheat bread only) straight from your car! It was hilarious and so much fun.


Hi, Mr. Yak!


Yes, that’s a bear. They were lazy and not interested in causing trouble. Crazy.


The next day we had lunch by the water before heading off to a fun little outing to David’s Bridal. Since Emily and I are both engaged, we thought we’d try on some wedding dresses to get a sense of which styles we want.


I think I’m leaning towards a princess skirt like this… but I also want it to be comfortable and easy to move in. We’ll see. It was just fun to try dresses on! Let’s be real.


And because the bridal shop was next to a Krispy Kreme, we were obliged to go get another dozen doughnuts. I’d never had a hot original glazed doughnut before, and it was GOOD.


And it wouldn’t be a Three Amigas’ Retreat without a photo like this. ๐Ÿ™‚

I had such a great time and felt really re-connected with my two best friends in the world, especially since life has a way of distracting us. I felt unplugged and off the grid, which was refreshing and relaxing. Good stuff.

‘Til next time, amigas!


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