Daily Diet: A Look at Monday’s Food


Can you believe it’s August already? How is that real?

I haven’t done a Daily Diet post in a while, so I thought I’d do one today based on what I ate Monday after the cheeseburger-and-pizza storm that was the weekend. Back to the grind, back to the nutritious.



6:00 am

This picture is actually from today (Tuesday’s) breakfast, but it’s close enough! Scrambled eggs with veggies (spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, cilantro) and Cholula, accompanied by a whole wheat English muffin with butter. And of course coffee. Yum!


Snack AKA Second Breakfast

9:30 am

I usually am hungry three and a half hours after breakfast, but due to the half a Cosmo’s pizza I inhaled (with two sides of spicy ranch) the night before, I was still feeling fun and bloated. I knew that I needed to eat anyway, so I made my first snack: Special K Protein cereal (6 grams of protein) with 2% milk (left over from making Sprouts mac and cheese the previous weekend) and strawberries. It was delicious, especially with a second cup of coffee.



1:00 pm

Nick made this veggie pasta over the weekend, and it is incredibly delicious. We’ve got garlic, onions, feta cheese, barley, arugula, and organic heirloom tomatoes (so, so delicious).


Afternoon pick-me-up

3:30 pm

I was getting some serious work done and at this point, I could feel the stress of the day start to exacerbate some sugar cravings. I reached for the banana I packed, but it was all mushy inside (womp, womp). I then reached for a dollar bill to go to the vending machine and get some Famous Amos cookies because they’re my biggest weakness, but alas, I only had a five and ten in my wallet. Then I remembered I had some Honduras dark chocolate in my desk drawer, which did the trick. Crisis averted!


Another afternoon pick-me-up

5:30 pm

Once I got home from work, I was feeling the lack of a substantial afternoon snack. Nick was planning on making the Runner’s World Cookbook recipe for Garlic Shrimp With White Beans & Tomatoes, so I sliced up an apple with peanut butter for the hour cooking time. (I didn’t get a photo of it, though, because right when I sat down to enjoy my snack, Harps needed to go outside! By the time I returned I was too hungry to care about photos. Hence the photo I found on the Web.)



7:00 pm

Since I’d forgotten to take a pic of my afternoon snack, I gave up on the Daily Diet notion and didn’t take a photo of dinner. Then I realized I have other photos of the same recipe, so alas, here is this post. Also: we added a side of Sprouts’ Seedsational bread and butter.



8:30 pm

After dinner we watched some episodes of “Friends From College” while nibbling on this dark chocolate (thanks, Liz!) and sipping some of this stuff from Wine Club:


(Picture taken this morning)

This wine was so smooth and delicious. Hit the spot!

Nick is off to Steamboat this morning to run a section of his race. I’m wishing him luck from afar!

Question of the Day:

What was your favorite edible part of Monday? 😉


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