Rehearsal, Pup Adventures, Running, & Makeup


Weekend Snapshots

Happy Monday? The last two days were good, considering The Man is out of town, I’m in tech week for Dolly, and I’ve got the pup all to myself to care for. I can’t say that I’ve been eating well or staying on top of my running this pas week, but at least I’m relatively a normal human being at this point. šŸ™‚

Here’s a recap of the weekend!

Friday night, we had a full run-through of the show, which went pretty well. I was exhausted and passed out hard that night.


Saturday morning breakfast. Nom.

Saturday morning was the start of Bloody Saturday, and it’s also when Nick headed to Moab with his friends for their weeklong kayaking and camping adventure. Tech didn’t go too long, and I was able to swing by Denver Paw School afterward to pick up some fun things for Harper with a store credit we had.


I needed to grab more of her favorite treats for training (Real Meat all-natural treats), and with a week of Single Puppy Parenthood ahead of us, I figured Harps needed a few special things to keep her happy (or to quell my guilt).


I got her this wool play toy that doesn’t squeak, but it breaks apart far too fast. I don’t want her ingesting that much wool! Boo. She’s teething, so a soft toy (that doesn’t wake everyone up at 5:30 am) is what she gravitates toward these days. Oh well. I’ll need to find another!


I also got her this puzzle toy that makes her use her (limited) brains! šŸ˜‰ The lady at the Paw School gave me a great idea, too: Once she learns how to get the treat out, you can use peanut butter to make it more challenging.

I had wondered if maybe I’d be motivated to run on Saturday afternoon, but instead I made a box of Sprouts mac and cheese shells and then napped for three hours on the couch with Harper. Apparently I’ve been needing some extra comfort food and sleep.


Saturday night, feeling refueled and refreshed, I headed out to Parker to see Inspire Creative‘s production of Hairspray! It was so. good. I was blown away by every detail and every cast member. And my friend Jessica (who played Jan in Grease) was simply top-notch as Tracy Turnblad. Bravo, guys! If you’re in the area, I can’t recommend the show enough. Go see it!

Park Pup

Sunday was/is my only day this entire week with absolutely nothing on the schedule. I tried not to have high expectations for either ultra-laziness or ultra-productivity. Instead, I did the thing where you just go whim by whim. I made a delicious breakfast and then, after waking up slowly with coffee, took Harper on her first trip to Wash Park! I knew it would be an interesting experience… and I was right!

Alls he wanted to do was eat goose poop and feathers, the entire time. What a refined palate she has! Other than that, she actually did really well with all the people, dogs, sights, sounds, and smells. I worked with her on training during super-high-distraction, and she almost always switched her focus to me. I was proud of her! I brought my camera with me, hoping to capture the moment, but that was a tad too ambitious. I just got the one (above).


After our trip to the park, I don’t think it took more than five seconds for her to pass out cold in her crate. She was completely zonked out. I took that opportunity to go for a run around the park, which was nice except for the sweltering heat, since I went at the hottest part of the day. I ran out of water at mile 4 and then decided to walk the last half-mile back because my headache was so bad. While walking, I called my mom and chatted for a bit.

After having a hodgepodge of a lunch and feeding/taking out Harper, I headed out to Ulta on Colorado Blvd. to get some much-needed makeup and things (both for the stage and for everyday life). Here’s my haul:


I really love the PƜR Cosmetics brand, especially their liquid foundation for the stage. I also got their bestsellers kit because I needed their powder (which I wear pretty regularly during the day) and new mascara. My last mascara purchase (DiorShow) was surprisingly disappointing. It dried out incredibly fast, and I’ve been trying to revive it with eye drops and other things ever since, to no avail. We’ll see how this one fares! I used it once already and like it so far.


I also decided to try a new face wash, since my skin has been breaking out more recently. I talked to a few people who recommended this stuff. I’m liking how velvety it feels!

After the beauty product haul, I came home and recorded some video auditions for a show coming up. Then I ordered a Cosmo’s pizza and relaxed for a bit. Finally, I got some inspiration to do a few chores around the house before heading to bed, ready for a busy week ahead.

Question of the Day:

How was your weekend?


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