Thursday Throwback!


Rizz Fell Hard

It’s hard to believe that one year ago I was in the opening week of Grease. This was also the week I fainted while running and scuffed up the right side of my face and body! I was running on empty: not eating enough (you can tell in my arm above… girl looks sickly) and not taking enough rest. Whoops!


Remember this? Yikes. (I’ve also left my eyebrows alone since then, thank goodness.)


Liquid bandage and lots of makeup worked wonders.


Also, look at this picture from the day we adopted Harper, June 10, which was only about 5 weeks ago. She looks so small! Her ears hadn’t stood up yet. So cute!


And a year ago from June 10-ish was the Mountain Living staff hike at the Manitou Incline! Gosh, time really flies.

Question of the Day:

What were you doing this time last year?


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