A Candid Look at My Morning

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Getting Real

The purpose of The Real Life was to make sure I don’t get too swept up in the “Pinterest-worthy” photo seduction that is lifestyle blogging. I am not trying to show you guys only the good without the bad and the ugly. So when I looked at my messy living room this morning, I figured you all should see it, too.

Living room

Interesting decorating choices, don’t ya think? Chairs for days, and a giant mirror resting on the couch.


When we moved Nick’s dining table and chairs into our apartment, we decided to keep my clear IKEA chairs instead, so we’re waiting to see the white ones on Craigslist.

But the real reason everything’s gone awry?

Harper on couch

Did I do that?

This girl. Don’t be fooled by her innocent puppy-dog eyes! This girl snuck into a hard-to-reach spot on our tweed dining room rug and decided she’d just save us all the hassle of signaling she had to go potty, waiting to put on a leash, and heading outside. Thanks, Harps!

Dining room table with rug

The rug had been nicely situated under the shelf, table, and chairs, so we had to move all the furniture to thoroughly clean the rug (something we’ve become pros at by now).

Oh, the joys of puppy parenthood! Good thing she’s cute.


Anyway. I’ve mentioned that I’ve started using resistance bands to build some muscle in my upper body (I have serious shoulder goals). Recently, in the middle of a shoulder press, the band I’d been using snapped in two! Enter Amazon prime. I found this set of bands for about $17, and they’re wonderful!


Harper thinks they’re her toys. No, miss! (This photo was taken a week or so ago, right after we sold my white dining room table on Craigslist, and before we moved Nick’s in. The area has been funky for a while!)

Resistance bands

I love how the bands easily clip on and off the handles. There are also components that easily insert into a door hinge, for all types of extensions. I’m hoping to learn a few good moves for my lower body, too.

messy photos

Back to the mess: Here’s what our bedroom looked like before I got dressed this morning. We have approximately 8,000 pillows patiently waiting our decision on whether or not to keep them.


This dresser is full of all sorts of fun things at the moment. We’ve got some semblance of organization when it comes to Nick’s items, but then when it comes to mine: chaos. We’ve got a feather hair piece for my Irene Molloy costume. We’ve got 5-pound hand weights that I need to donate to Good Will now that I’m using resistance bands. We’ve also got a necklace that my best friend Emily left at my house a million years ago that I still haven’t sent back to her. (I’m the worst.)


I’ve been really trying to take better-quality outfit photos (and blog photos in general), but I haven’t mastered the art of the self-timer. Here I am a ghost (but at least I made the bed).


If I use the camera and take a photo in the mirror like I’ve been doing with my iPhone, I’ve got a giant strap hanging down and you’ll have a constant view of my armpit. Bloggers and normal people who know how to do these things: Any tips?!

Another real confession: I think I look fat in this photo. I also know that that is completely irrational, but the feeling is there, regardless. I’m not going to pretend to love myself all the time. Not even close! I’m in one of those wonky moods that usually is caused by perfectionisms and trying to do all the things and be all the things—all without stress-eating an entire pizza every night (although once a week is perfectly healthy, in my opinion).


There you have it.

Question of the Day:

What part of your house (or life) would you be terrified to show the world right now? Help a girl feel normal, please.

18 thoughts on “A Candid Look at My Morning

  1. maineruralrunner says:

    My whole house is a bit under kept at the moment (apparently 8 week old babies have that affect…) but my bedroom is the real disaster- Bed is not made, there are 3 baskets of clean clothes, random pile of “worn but not dirty” clothes, plus baby stuff and well…junk. I’m thankful that it’s upstairs and I don’t have to see it all day!

    Liked by 1 person

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