5 Photos From the Weekend


My weekend in a nutshell: A move, a pig-out, sore muscles, and a really good book.

Take a look!

Friday night was the same ol’ thing: rehearsal until 10 pm, followed by some drive-through fries (Fry-day) and passing out the minute my head hit the pillow (possibly before).

Saturday morning, after some reading and waking up slowly, Nick and I embarked on the last of his move into our apartment. The only things left to do were: move his dining table and chairs into our place, sell or give away his armoire, haul a bunch of things to Good Will and the dumpster, dispose of my king-size mattress and box spring, move his king-size mattress and box spring into our place, and then do one last cleaning of his apartment so we could turn in the keys and be done with it. Silly me: I thought it would only take a few hours!

It all took longer than expected, although the mattress disposal company came pretty quickly to pick up my old mattress, and my friend Lindsey came at the drop of a hat to take Nick’s armoire—both surprisingly easy feats (minus the $93 we paid to donate our mattress to  a homeless shelter).

The most arduous process was moving Nick’s mattress out of his apartment, down two flights of stairs, onto the top of his car with no bungee cords, drive it the four blocks to our apartment, and haul it up three flights of stairs—with low-hanging ceilings that didn’t account for the extra 6+ inches of fluff attached to this mattress-on-steroids. This was all because Nick’s mattress is other-worldly comfortable. But I don’t think we’ll ever move it again. We’ll gladly donate it to the next tenant! Ha.

I didn’t eat nearly enough for all this moving, so we had to take a break before the mattress endeavor and split a sandwich, chips, and Coke at Snarf’s.


Once we finished everything, we decided a celebration was in order! Nick’s been so eager to be all moved in for good, and that moment finally arrived! To celebrate, we got a Cosmo’s pizza, the above wine from Joy Wine & Spirits, and a box of Betty Crocker brownie mix. All the foods in the universe.


Harper was also happy to finally have us home for the evening after spending the entire day moving and teasing her by coming home and then leaving again multiple times. Sweet cuddle bug!

After our feast, we fell asleep in the middle of an episode of IT Crowd.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 9.15.02 AM

The next morning, Nick went for a long run in the mountains and I met up with my friend Liz for my second free Orangetheory Fitness class. It was a tad more difficult with all the food and wine I consumed the night before, but it was a great workout. I am extremely sore this morning from the squats, lunges, and tricep extensions. Ouch!


I started Into the Magic Shop this weekend and finished it this morning. It’s funny how sometimes you find the right book at the right time. It’s so, so insightful and something that I wish all of my favorite people would read. I also haven’t had time or energy to keep up my reading streak lately, so it’s been nice to take a few minutes here and there with a good book.

Question of the Day:

What’s the best book you’ve read lately?


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