My First Orangetheory Fitness Class


This past Sunday, after a good play session with the pup, I headed to Orangetheory Wash Park to finally try the trendy fitness class after a long period of curiosity. I will admit: I was nervous!

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My friend Liz, who’s been doing Orangetheory Fitness for a while, came along with me, as well as her friend Jordan. I was grateful to have people there that I knew! I like to push myself out of my comfort zone, and fitness classes in general are out of the zone for sure.

Speaking of zones, the “theory” behind OTF is there are several different heart rate zones you’ll visit during the workout; the orange and red are anaerobic zones, which will maximize your “afterburn” of calories throughout the rest of the day. Your zone is constantly updating on a screen while you’re working out (eek!).

The workout is some version of: treadmill intervals, rowing, and strength training. There are three different “types” of OTF, too: endurance, power, and strength. Each class is a little different, but every single OTF establishment does the same curriculum each day.

My honest review: At first, after the class was over, I thought, I could’ve done that myself. The intervals are almost exactly like the treadmill speed workout I swear by, and the upper body strength training I’ve been doing has shown me results already. Also: I hate burpees and pushups and anything else that makes me feel like I don’t know what I’m doing (sad but true). But once I felt how sore I was the next day, I had to admit that it was a great full-body workout.

Blessing in disguise: The heart rate monitor they loaned me for the first free class wasn’t working properly. As I was running a 6:30 pace on the treadmill, the screen said I was barely out of a resting heart rate. I’ve maintained a good level of fitness, but I knew I wasn’t in that good of shape! After the 50-minute class was through, our instructor Chris noted that something was off, since the screen said we had worked out for a total of 17 minutes. Obviously the syncing was extremely delayed. Because of that… I got another free class! I might go again this next Sunday. We’ll see!

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After class, I heated up one of the green rice burritos The Man made for lunches this weekend. It was so delicious! I’m obsessed with using Greek yogurt as sour cream. And Cholula, of course. Nick was out hiking 13 miles of trail that morning, and on his way back, he hit up Snarf’s and asked if I wanted one too. I had barely put the burrito plate down when I said “heck yes” to a second lunch. I’m an opportunist.

FullSizeRender 4

He brought me a veggie sub with hot peppers and salt & vinegar chips. True love! And that’s not all that I ate for lunch; Nick and I polished off the other half of the Whole Foods cookies. We do what we want.


Have you done Orangetheory before? What are your thoughts on it?


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