All the Pinks & Reds & Florals!


This is my 9th Stitch Fix after a long break. I had some referral credit starting to accrue and with summer here, I figured why not shoot for some fun tops and warm-weather dresses. I also figured you needed a break from my monotonous food-diary posts this week!


First of all, it’s important to note—in honor of the food diary experiment—that last night, after blocking Act 2 of Hello, Dolly!, I went to Burger King and indulged in my weeklong cravings for a burger, fries, and a Diet Coke! It barely even registered… it felt like I had one piece of lettuce. Apparently I’ve been extra hungry. No I’m not pregnant, people. I am just my normal self who likes to eat all the things.

Anyway, back to my new summertime Stitch Fix, which was super cute!

A Stitch Fix for Summer

I can’t believe that, over a year later, I still have my same stylist choosing my clothing! Here is Leah’s note to me (which I’ve copy-edited because I can’t help myself):

Hi Vanessa, and happy summer Fix Day! It’s possibly my favorite season too style, and all of the lovely florals on your Dress Me Pretty board were the perfect source of inspiration for this seasonal Fix. Blush is definitely the color of the moment, but it’s the delicate details like the braided straps and softly gathered neckline that really elevate the look of the Brixon Ivy Daddy blousy! Pair it with your Pistola skinnies to let their distressed finish balance out the sweetness of the top. I know the Fate Ruby maxi doesn’t have a classically estival palette, but I really think the rich scarlet hue would look amazing with your hair! Since I know your focus is on truly special pieces, I had to send it your way since it’s such a statement-making look. Let me know what you think! Best, Leah 

I can’t say I wasn’t excited to try everything on!

Item 1:

Ruby Maxi Dress by Fate, $78

Stitch Fix for Summer_Ruby Maxi Dress hip pose

Stitch Fix for Summer_Ruby Maxi Dress

Stitch Fix for Summer_Ruby Maxi Dress 2

All the pictures! I was pleasantly surprised with this dress. Leah’s thoughts about it going well with my hair and serving as a statement piece really hit the nail on the head. If I saw this dress on a store rack, I wouldn’t give it a glance. This is why I love Stitch Fix! I tried something that I never would’ve even bothered to take to the fitting room otherwise.

Stitch Fix for Summer_Ruby Maxi Dress keyhole neckline

Here’s a closer look at the neckline. I love the keyhole detail.

Item 2:

Lora One Shoulder Dress by Collective Concepts, $68

Stitch Fix for Summer_Lora One Shoulder Dress

When I first saw this dress I thought it would be a definite yes, but after trying it on… not so much. It was big on me, the one sleeve was too long for my liking, and the whole look just felt unfinished, like it needs a belt or something.

Stitch Fix for Summer_Lora One Shoulder Dress 2

I tried to get a better photo of the one-shoulder aspect. Also: You can kind of see a trace of shoulder muscles peeking through my arm! Those resistance bands might be working.

Item 3:

Rowley Convertible Off-The-Shoulder Top by Papermoon, $48

Stitch Fix for Summer_Rawley Convertible Off-The-Shoulder Top

I love the concept and simplicity of this top, and the lace detailing.

Stitch Fix for Summer_Rawley Convertible Off-The-Shoulder Top close up of detailing

Here’s a better look up close!

Funny story: My engagement ring looked all weird this morning; it had pink sticky grossness on it, which at first I thought was soap from our bathroom (it’s pink). Upon closer inspection, and after really scratching my head for a while, I realized it was KETCHUP from my Burger King indulgence the night before. I am one classy broad, you guys. This is why went with The Real Life. I figured more often than not I’d have ketchup on my person and I’d be struggling with regular posts. Here we are.


Item 4:

Kaddy Braided Halter Blouse by Brixon Ivy, $54

Stitch Fix for Summer_Kaddy Braided Halter Blouse

Summer_Kaddy Braided Halter Blouse 2

Summer_Kaddy Braided Halter Blouse 3

All the poses! lol.

But for real, how cute is this top? I love the neckline, which is similar to the maxi dress neckline, but the second half is weird and hard to capture in photos. It’s baggy in the middle and then too narrow for my hips, so it makes me feel stocky… like it’s a pregnancy top of a very tiny person or something. It isn’t perfect, but it’s still hella cute.

Here’s the braiding up close:

Summer_Kaddy Braided Halter Blouse detailing

Item 5:

Jenti Shoulder Slit Top by Heartloom, $64

Stitch Fix for Summer_Jenti Shoulder Slit Top

(Something must’ve happened with the clouds before I tried this shirt on, because the lighting got weird.)

Stitch Fix for Summer_Jenti Shoulder Slit Top 2

This top is very “Free People” and I really felt comfy in it.

Stitch Fix for Summer_Jenti Shoulder Slit Top detailing

Here you can see the slit shoulder better, as well as the details (and my mug).



And for kicks, here’s what I ended up wearing to work today after trying my Stitch Fix items on! Simple and lazy is the way to be. I’m loving my new blue suede shoes from Ross!

So, believe it or not, I haven’t decided what to keep yet. What do you think? And how are you spending your Fourth of July weekend?! I have puppy school, a voice lesson, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, and hopefully some lazy time with my man on the agenda. 🙂 See ya when I see ya!


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