A Wonky Wednesday


Yesterday was just one of those off days. A restaurant situation threw off my whole eating schedule, as well as my mental focus… at least for a little while. But I’m proud of myself for unhooking that mood and recalibrating. This recap will be short, as I’m super busy!

My outfit was:

  • red floral dress, Forever 21
  • denim jacket, Aeropostale
  • sandals, Ross

My breakfast was the same as Tuesday’s here.


My snack was also the same as Monday’s and Tuesday’s. To avoid monotony, I posed with my yogurt for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome! 😉


For lunch, the whole magazine crew went out to Milk & Honey in Larimer Square to celebrate our publisher, who won a Top Women in Media award from Folio Magazine. She is such a baller, an amazing leader, and truly an inspiration! Unfortunately, our dining experience was lackluster. Our food came out very late and by the time my roasted carrots (no picture) and ahi tuna poke came out, I felt like I could eat a house!


Ahi Tuna Poke

I also nibbled on a bunch of small plates (fried Brussels sprouts, calamari, mussels) since we were all sharing things to help alleviate our hunger.

IMG_7559 2

We still had a great time together and managed to get this group shot on the balcony behind Milk & Honey. The location is hidden away, with a courtyard and some businesses behind it. It was beautiful back there!


By the time I got back to the office to try and conquer my to-do list, there was only an hour left in the workday and I could not focus at all. My blood sugar was so wonky and all I could think about was vending machine cookies. I learned a big lesson: keep a fig bar and/or an apple in my purse at all times to avoid uncontrollable circumstances like this one! By the time I got back to where my healthy snacks were, I had sugar-craving tunnel vision.


By the time it was time to head home, I felt that all-or-nothing thinking sneak in: I wanted to just binge on burgers, fries, and milkshakes and say to hell with it all! But I was able to shake it off and realize that, in order to feel great and have energy for rehearsal, I needed to make some good choices. Nick’s dinner that he cooked up for us: shrimp and white bean deliciousness (it tasted like gumbo) and a green bean/snow pea/kale salad, both of which were just what I needed and made me feel so much better.


We also had some bread and butter to go along with it.

Dinner fueled me all the way through rehearsal, which ended at 10. My cast mates and I were talking about doughnuts and burgers (like ya do) and for a minute I entertained the idea of a late-night fast-food run, but then I thought about how difficult it would be for me to fall asleep after that and how groggy and bloated I’d feel in the morning, and it was easy for me to reach for my banana instead. Phew! A narrow miss!

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