Tuesday Food-day


Top o’ the morning to ya!

I love breakfast. I’ve said this a million times, and I’ll say it again. I am just completely smitten with a veggie scramble + bread and butter. It’s my favorite thing on the planet.

After taking the pup out and feeding her, Nick cooked up a delicious breakfast (above), and we ate while watching Harper play with her toys.


She has four toys that she loves equally: her rope (seen above; also, look at that wagging tail!), her chicken-flavored rubber bone, her Kong, and her squeaky toy. Each serves a distinct purpose!


After breakfast, we took another “pack walk” where we work on keeping Harper’s attention while she’s on her leash. She’s doing really well for her age! After our walk, Nick did some sprained ankled PT exercises and I did an upper body circuit with these resistance bands. I am loving how easy it is!

Warning: the next photo sequence is beyond adorable.

While Nick was on the floor with one of his exercises, Daddy’s Girl Harper couldn’t help but “spot” him.





She wants to snuggle!


I eventually got ready for work, with a little help from the pup behind me. An outfit breakdown:

  • taupe tank, H&M
  • skinny jeans, Gap
  • Nine West suede baby blue heels, Ross
  • necklace, Francesca’s


I had to say goodbye to Nick and Harper and head to a busy day at work: meetings and content galore, followed by presenting the Best Restaurant Design Award at the Colorado Restaurant Association’s Industry Spotlight Awards. Food, wine, and good company makes it feel less like “work.”


Mid-morning snack: Greek yogurt + peach.


Nick texted me this photo of Harper after getting home form her PupPE class. She was out cold! The class is basically agility for puppies; she went through mazes, tunnels, attempted to jump over bars (she walked over it), and even made friends with a large boxer (which is a big step! she’s been pretty scared of larger dogs). Nick was exhausted, too!


For lunch, I had leftover Israeli Salad + Pearled Couscous (Nick got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen), as well as some toasted homemade bread and hummus. It was delicious and filling.


It also was the day of meetings! At 2:30 we went to the conference room for chips, guac, and salsa and a meeting about our company’s digital products. At first I was pretty full from lunch, but after an hour of intense discussion, I decided I was ready to nibble on some chips and guac.


I also had a small scoop of this Coffee Almond sorbet (pro: vegan, con: tasted like chemicals…). What I really wanted was coffee!


After the meeting I headed home to get ready for the Industry Spotlight Awards.


I got this dress on Monday when I quickly stopped by Ross. I’m in desperate need of more dresses for work events! I keep wearing the same three. Bonus: This dress was $20!


Why are you leaving me?

After saying goodbye to Harper, Nick and I headed to the Hangar at Stanley Marketplace for the award ceremony!


The Hangar is aptly named, as it use the be an airport hanger (and the entirely Stanley used to be an airport back in the day). It was a really cool place to host an event like this. The stage and dinner setups were inside, and appetizers and drinks were outside.


Here’s the view form our table as the sun went down. Beautiful, right?


(Look at Nicholas being a brat in the background!)

Michelle and I presented the award for Best Restaurant Design to Hearth & Dram, but not before indulging in the delicious food buffets sponsored by Colorado Restaurant Association members.


It had been almost 4 hours since my work-meeting snack, and the minute I saw someone with fried chicken and biscuits on their plate, I had tunnel vision. There were other stations with a full salad bar, sausages, soft pretzels, and a gorgeous fish dish, but I made a bee line for the Southern fare. Also: Sorry for the terribly displayed food! I’m still getting used to snapping photos of everything I eat!


(Michelle’s payback!)

After presenting the award, Nick and I watched a few more before heading back home to Harper’s little bladder! We didn’t even stay for the dessert course! That is true puppy-parent sacrifice, if you ask me. We went home, took her out, and then played with her for a while before it was time for bed. I was so tired and full that dessert wasn’t even on my mind.

Question of the Day:

What’s the most delicious thing you’ve indulged in this week?





5 thoughts on “Tuesday Food-day

  1. Lynne says:

    Harper is too cute!! Nick can forget any PT exercises on the floor in the near future. Better hang that tubing high. I imagine it feels great to little puppy teeth. Lol Your photos of all the fabulous freshly baked bread has made me pull out a book on Gluten Free Artisan bread (I’m GF). Baking this way is a completely different science. If I get inspired I’ll send photo’s:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Real Life says:

      We hide the bands in a special place! 🙂 Also: the instructor at puppy school told us about freezing a wet twisted-up washcloth for a chew toy and it keeps her more entertained than anything. I hope to hear about your GF bread endeavors!


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