Weekend Snapshots + A Blog Experiment

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Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Ours was Harper-centric, of course. There is no sleeping in with a 3-month-old pup! We went to puppy school, had tons of play time, and I even snuck in a run. Thank goodness!

Here’s a photo recap (+ a new blog setup for this week!)


Pup School

Harper’s first class at the Denver Paw School went well! We anticipated chaos, and we got it. Ha! We thought she might be timid and shy, because she tends to seem spooked by other dogs, but with fellow puppies, she was the biggest play-enthusiast of the bunch! Sometimes she was a little too rambunctious, but there were no yelps or fights.


This was the KinderPup 1 class, which is all about learning and reading dog body language for us humans, and playing and socializing for the pups. She had a great time and we all were thoroughly exhausted! Needless to say, things were far too chaotic for me to snap any photos. Perhaps we’ll perfect that art in the future.


Sleepy pup after play time

Note: It is incredibly hard not to play with the other puppies, myself. I just wanted to sit in the middle of the class room and let all the puppies jump on me!


Harper the Bat Dog

We settled on an Instagram handle for the pup: @HarpertheBatDog, because of her insane ears! Please follow her and see all the hilarious and adorable posts!

I also want to fill you in on some Harperisms! She has a handful of quirks that make us laugh (and sometimes scratch our heads):


She likes to supervise our dish-washing time. It’s important to move with care around the sink or you might step on a Harper toe!


She likes to snuggle up under the couch! This probably won’t last long because the minute she grows she’ll no longer fit. We joke that it’s her bat cave! She likes to nap literally right beneath us.


She likes to snuggle up on US! Yay! This is the chief purpose of a dog, in my humble opinion. Saturday morning after pup school, she started to get sleepy and climbed up onto my legs for a rest.


So sweet.


Those are tired eyes.


A few minutes after this she was passed out in her crate for another nap before we took her to Roland & Liz’s yard to play fetch!

The rest of Saturday is a blur, to be honest. I had a great voice lesson, which burned the last of my energy. It had been a tiring week with Harp and rehearsals and life. I came home and lounged for the rest of the day. There was a Cosmo’s pizza that night. πŸ™‚


Food Things!

Nick is killing it in the food department as of late. While he’s frustrated that he can’t run or hike, he’s channeled a lot of that energy into, as we say, “food things.” The loaves he baked on Sunday were perfection!


The proud baker documenting his work!


Look at those air pockets! I helped him with the dough folding on Saturday so I think I should take at least 90% credit… right!? πŸ˜‰ Juuuuust kidding. He is the bread genius; I am the bread devourer.


Two Runs This Week!

That makes me laugh, but it’s an improvement! I ran 4.5 miles at the park this week twice (Thursday, since I had no rehearsal, and Sunday), which is hard with rehearsals every night and a brand new pup keeping us busy.

The funny thing is that these runs have been speedier than normal, for this amount of weekly mileage and lack of “training,” relatively. I wonder if it’s a quality vs. quantity thing for me right now. Who knows, but I ain’t complaining!


Random: Roland got Nick these hilarious socks. πŸ™‚ I love them!


While Harper took another post-playtime nap, we went to Sprouts for groceries. Dinner on Sunday night was nutritious and delicious: salmon on a bed of cucumber salad and couscous


…with a basket of warm bread and “special butter“!


I can’t remember what Nick put on the butter. I know there was smoked sea salt involved. It was divine!


A Blog Experiment

Since I’m focusing on eating super well this week, and since my tendency with my busy schedule has been just 2 posts a week (a weekend recap and an outfits post), I’m going to try posting every day with:

  • what I wore
  • what I ate
  • a workout recap if I was lucky enough to get one in!
  • + any other fun photos and news from the day

This obviously will be published each morning, so the recap will be the day after it happened. What do you think?

How was your weekend?




15 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots + A Blog Experiment

  1. Amy says:

    I like your blog experiment! I’ve contemplated this as a way to get back on track, but have yet to pull the trigger. You may inspire me! And keep the puppy photos coming!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Real Life says:

      Girl, only one day in and it’s already kept me on track: While in the checkout aisle at Ross, I seriously contemplated buying a package of cookies. But then I realized I’d have to admit that on Day 1 of my blog experiment… and I resisted. lol who knows how long it’ll last, but it really gives you perspective! (And don’t worry on the puppy photos. I literally cannot stop myself!)


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