Date Night, 3 Amigas, & Outfits of the Week


Everything in One!

Blogging during the workweek is way too hard at the moment, with a tiny pup, a full workday, and nightly rehearsals. Instead, I’ve just been updating one post throughout the week…

The result is that today’s post is long and packed with exciting things! 

It’s really been a great week, despite the 90-100 degree temperatures Monday through Thursday! Monday’s outfit (above):

  • top, Francesca’s
  • dark-wash skinny jeans, Gap
  • flats, Ross
  • loving my dark hair!


Since Nick sprained his ankle on a trail run a week ago, he’s been able to look on the bright side: no running means more time for food things! He’s pickled veggies (see the onions on top of this delicious breakfast creation), started a new break-making endeavor, and opened up the Plenty cookbook again (it had been a while for us).

Speaking of no running: I’ve run, on average, 2.5 miles a week for the past two weeks. Yikes! I normally average about 20-25. This new schedule and new addition to the family has shaken things up a bit. On top of that, I’ve felt like I’ve gained a few pounds and just generally out of shape. I want to get out of ahead of it and re-commit to my fitness: eating nutritious whole foods and getting as much activity in as I can manage. You’ll be seeing more of this on the blog!


I loved my outfit on Tuesday!

  • beige zipper skirt, Forever 21
  • flowy black tank, H&M
  • necklace, Forever 21
  • wedges, hand-me-downs


Fun note: Harper likes to contort, sleep on her back, and press her face into the crate. We’d give her a pillow or a dog bed, but she’d attempt to eat it!


Here is Wednesday’s outfit. I realized after the fact that I wore this exact outfit recently. Whatevaaaaa!

  • maxi dress, TJ Maxx (from, like, 10 years ago)
  • denim vest, Nordstrom Rack


Thursday’s outfit was weird, but just go with it.

  • bellbottoms, Gap
  • flowy white blouse, Francesca’s
  • necklace, a random boutique in San Diego
  • sandals, Target


We interrupt this broadcast with a giant section about my best friends!

I am going on a Three Amigas’ Retreat to Seattle! What’s a Three Amigas’ Retreat, you ask?


This picture is from 2005, my first year at UF and these ladies were at FSU

A little background: My best friends, Hilary and Emily, and I have been besties for over 15 years. Hilary and I met in 6th grade and were attached at the hip ever since. We met Emily freshman year of high school at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida.

I don’t have sisters, and I’ve kind of felt like the oddball black sheep of the family (and the world, to be honest. INFJ for life!), so the connection I have with these ladies goes far beyond just fun friendship. They are my soul sisters.

As life has evolved, we’ve gotten geographically farther away from each other and the amount of time between when we check in with each other and catch up has steadily increased. We haven’t seen each other for more than a few hours at a time for… four years. Four years ago they came to visit me in Colorado, which was a brief weekend trip. Ever since we went to different colleges, we started a yearly “Three Amigas’ Retreat” to a new destination each year.


On our Three Amigas’ Retreat in Savannah, Georgia, in 2010 (YIKES WE ARE OLD)


Savannah, 2010


Savannah, 2010

Hilary got married (and so did I, then divorced five years later) and then she and her husband had twin boys! I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, and then Denver. Hilary and fam moved to central Florida. Emily has lived in Jacksonville, so it’s been nice to see her whenever I go home, but it’s never enough time, and it’s spread thin with family time, too. We’ve all tried to keep our Three Amiga-ness going as best we could… but we fell off the wagon and our trips became few and far between.


Dorks getting ready to go SKYDIVING in Palatka, Florida, 2011

Hilary recently became a travel nurse, and so she and her family have moved to Wisconsin and now Washington state. Since I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest before, I am excited for many reasons! Emily and I booked our flights this week, and we’ll be spending six days at Hilary’s (and we get to see the boys again; it’s been ages!). That’s FOUR WHOLE DAYS TOGETHER (two travel days, too). Also: Emily and I are currently both engaged, so we’ll need to figure out an epic bachelorette night. 🙂


Our last Retreat here in Denver (in front of Casa Bonita…) in 2013

These ladies have been by my side through thick and thin, and it means the entire Universe to me. I am so excited that we booked this trip. I cannot wait to spend SIX DAYS in Seattle with them! 

::Best Friend section of post ends here::


EHEM. Anyway.

Thursday night was the only weeknight without rehearsal, which means I finally got to go for a run around Wash Park! The temperature was starting to cool down as rainy weather rolled in, which was nice. My splits were:

  • 9:56
  • 9:51
  • 9:47
  • 10:04

Not too shabby for not having run much besides intervals on the treadmill. I’m convinced those 2.5 miles are worth their weight in gold; they make me a more efficient runner and faster in the long run, no pun intended.

No rehearsal also meant: DATE NIGHT! Look at this text exchange with The Man:



This is why I love him!


He also got me peonies and made this date-night flower arrangement himself! Renaissance men are the best, ladies. Mark my word.


We used these cute placemats that Nick’s mom sent us as an engagement gift! Fun fact: My mom also got us placemats as an engagement gift! Birds of a feather. We love both sets! We also used the special napkins we got in Steamboat Springs. And we dined with Joy Spirits’ Wine Club wine, of course. A refreshing chardonnay.


We originally had talked about date night being a Cosmo’s pizza night, but since I’m struggling to feel back on track with my eating and exercise, we reworked our plans. We made a Green Bean Salad with Mustard Seeds and Tarragon and…


This deliciousness! I didn’t get great pictures because I was ravenous after running, and preparing everything took longer than we expected. It was SO SO WORTH IT though (like always).


Harper took a nap in her crate, once again in a weird position. Her eyes are open here but don’t be fooled: she fell right back asleep in a matter of seconds.

Calling for suggestions!

Nick and I want to start an Intragram account for Harper because we’re dorky millennials. Don’t judge. Rather, give us some good ideas for her Instagram handle! Right now the best we can do is @HarpertheBatDog because her ears are so huge.


Any and all ideas are welcomed!


Here’s today’s outfit!

  • jeans, Gap
  • booties, DSW
  • top, Target? I don’t even remember

I’m feeling rather blah about Outfits of the Week. I’m trying not to spend much money on clothes, and I’m bored with showing you what I’m wearing, since it’s a lot of the same thing over and over. Perhaps I’ll only do outfit posts for looks I really love… although I do have a Stitch Fix scheduled for early July, thanks to some extra referral credit!


Here’s a quick and blurry photo of breakfast this morning, since it was fantastic: potatoes, Brussels sprouts, scrambled eggs with leftover herbs, avocado, and tomatoes. It was all inhaled with a couple slices of toast + butter. Oh, and Cholula!


Nom nom!

Well that whole post was a mouthful. You’re welcome! 😉

What are you excited about lately?




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