Weekend Snapshots!


And another Monday is here. The past week with Harper has felt like an entire month, so recapping Friday-Sunday is kind of boggling my mind this morning. But nonetheless, here’s a summary of what went down this weekend!


Friday afternoon I finished up work and then spent some more time with Harper. Nick went to Boulder to get a 15-mile training run in and ended up spraining his ankle. Poor guy! After spending some time at home together while he iced his injury, I took a quick trip to the gym to get an interval workout in. With Harper and rehearsal almost every night, I’ve barely been able to run (although a million trips up and down stairs with the pup could qualify as training). I did three sets of this: 2 minutes walking at a 16-minute-mile pace, 5 minutes running at a 8:57 pace, and then 1 minute sprinting at a 6:40 pace. It felt so good!


(Harper did a good job of cuddling her daddy!) That night, I went to Dolly music rehearsal.


Saturday morning we headed to the Denver Paw School to attend their orientation (without Harper). We signed her up for KinderPup 1 class, which is a socialization class with other puppies, as well as Puppy PE and Puppy Obedience classes. She starts this Saturday. We’re so excited! I’d love for Harper to eventually earn the K9 Good Citizen distinction and go on to become a therapy dog. We’ll see!


Ready to be a good girl!


Saturday afternoon I made a trip to AURA Salon in Littleton to darken my hair a bit. I love when it’s a deep brown.


I was quick to return home to play with our pup! Here I’m attacking her with kisses while she tries to nap.


She loves ice cubes! Sometimes I put one in her water bowl and it keeps her entertained.

Saturday night Nick and I went to see Sisyphus the Musical at the Aurora Fox Theater, to support some theater friends. Harper did a good job of resting in her crate.


(Yum!) Sunday morning the three of us got up early again, ate a delicious breakfast, went to play in the grass, and practiced Harper’s “come” “sit” and “down” commands before my morning voice lesson.


Last summer I worked on my belt; this summer I’m working on my legit voice and really hoping to get my support in shape for Dolly and any other shows on the horizon.


On my way home I picked up our groceries at Sprouts before more family time with Nick and Harps. I can’t contain my love for that face!

I also worked on my upper body with Nick’s resistance bands and learned that they’re a great way to sneak in a workout at home.


Nick made this delicious veggie noodle-y broth-y dish from Thug Kitchen. It was delicious and hit the spot!

And that’s about it! How was your weekend?

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