When 4 Miles Turn into 7


I am Forrest Gump

Good morning, friends!

I had to stop by and tell you about my run yesterday after work… and share some food pics, of course. We also got The Art of Raising a Puppy in the mail last night and have already read the first three chapters. I want that fluffy little German shepherd puppy on the cover!

Speaking of the book, it’s written by monks who earn a living by breeding German shepherds. What a fun life! I want to work with puppies all day and night. (Check back in with me on that in a few weeks).

Nick and I can already tell that this book is going to be good. It centers on the psychology and developmental stages of a pup, similar to that of human psychology and development, something we both have strong interests in and passions for. It’s also quite philosophical, speaking on the importance of staying present and aware of one’s environment. Can you tell we’re excited?


Anyway. Last night, Nick came home from having already run 8 miles of trail enthusiastic about running the typical 4.5-mile loop with me at Wash Park. We went on our merry way, and although my pace was slow, it was steady and I worked diligently at being kind to myself.

I repeatedly policed any complaints that wanted to escape out of my mouth, and instead I reminded myself that we run to feel good and strong… whatever pace that’s accomplished at, stick to it.

Oddly enough, things felt so good that, when we arrived back at the house, I told Nick that I wanted to keep going! He retired for the evening with 12 miles under his belt, and I enjoyed running up and down the streets of Wash Park (saying hi to neighborhood cats, because that’s me) until my legs felt tired.

I logged 7 miles, which is a pretty significant run after a workday. In fact, the last time I ran 7 miles on a workday (when I actually worked; not on vacation, like when we ran 7 miles a day during Christmas in Ponte Vedra) was also the first time I experienced Cosmo’s Pizza! ‘Tis a good sign, in my book.

The most important note is that I was running because it felt awesome to run. I haven’t really felt like that in a while. I attribute the change to my mental attitude, to remembering that if it doesn’t feel good, you’re doing it wrong. Taking it easy, enjoying the  absolutely gorgeous weather, touring the neighborhood… that’s what it’s all about.


We inhaled pasta with zucchini and spinach, an arugula/tomato salad, and chunks of Nick’s newest homemade bread (that best-tasting loaf ever, below). The photo above is actually from Monday night’s dinner with some red wine and Sprouts’s sourdough bread. We duplicated that dinner last night and it looked almost exactly the same… except we upgraded in the bread department:


Look at those air pockets! This has been such a light, airy, delicious loaf. Nick was beaming with pride. 🙂


And for good measure, here’s a slightly blurry photo of our breakfast this morning, with the aforementioned carby goodness. I love how we do breakfast.

I have a voice lesson tonight! And then two more days until our Crested Butte tradition! I can’t wait.



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