Hearth & Dram Video Shoot… and Food


Good Morning!

Happy Thursday! It’s snow-raining in Denver this morning. It’s May 18. Nothing makes sense. It’s been one of those weeks at work where I’ve got more outings and meetings in 5 days than I usually do in a month, so things have been pretty hustle-and-bustle lately. I wanted to check in with you all and just share a few little things that’ve gone on this week.


It’s that time again for Colorado Homes & Lifestyles magazine to team up with the Colorado Restaurant Association and talk restaurant design. The video shoot was a lot more relaxed than I thought it would be, and Hearth & Dram is just so cool. The atmosphere pays homage to a new-age version of Colorado’s Gold Rush/industrial history, so we’re talking: leather upholstery, steel and mining-inspired lighting, and reclaimed wood accents… on top of a giant built-in shelf over the pass boasting a spattering of old-school paraphernalia (banjos, trinkets, antiques, etc.). In addition to their design, the food is outstanding! For second breakfast, I ordered a mushroom, kale, and egg sandwich on a Hawaiian roll. It was so good.


As per usual, Nick and I have been eating quite well at home. Here’s a shot of some impromptu veggie pasta he crafted. Nom.


And salmon. We’ve been eating a lot of it lately!


Nick also made a few loaves of bread this past weekend, and we’ve been inhaling it (with butter, of course). I am in love with bread. We still have a few balls of pizza dough in the freeze that he made with the leftover levain. Friday = pizza night!


Back in December, my sister-in-law Meredith went to send me a bouquet of peonies from The Bouqs Company. They botched the order and the flowers never showed… and then peonies went out of season. So, behold, my almost-half-birthday in May! I like delayed birthday presents. 🙂 They’re currently beautifying my office, and I’ll take them home this weekend so I can keep looking at them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.12.23 AM

And I just got an email that I’ve got some Stitch Fix credit accruing. Hmmm… this might call for some summer-wear… we’ll see! It’s been a while.


The other news is that Nick and I have decided to move him into my current apartment and make it ours! We’ll rearrange things and redecorate so that we’re both more comfortable. We decided to do this instead of move again, because we want to save all the money for a house one day. We’re really excited about this decision and feel totally aligned with it. And it also means we’ll still be in our favorite location, close to all the best things: running in Wash Park, eating Cosmo’s and Taki Sushi all day er’ day, and enjoying a 10-minute commute to work. Boom.

What’s new with you guys?


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