Updates + A Boulder Photo Shoot


Oh, Hey

Hi friends! I’ve been MIA this week due to a busy life. Nick’s mom Barbara was in Denver visiting for the weekend, and then Nick and I got back-to-back stomach bugs (that sounds weird). I got sick; he took care of me. Then he got sick; I took care of him. I think we’d both be dead if we’d gotten it at the same time!

Trying to keep up with blogging every day is hard. This week I’ve focused on feeling healthy and being on top of things at work. So, in lieu of an outfits post today, I’ve got a slew of photos from my head shot session with Be Boulder Photography this past Saturday… and some couples shots, too (+ Nick’s mama)! Take a look and enjoy.

Photos taken before the sickness struck. And no, we’re not engaged. 😉 BEWARE: You are going to see a LOT of my face.

Head Shots


Eleanor is a fantastic photographer. She is the art director for Colorado Homes & Lifestyles magazine, so I know her and her work well. She is lovely and so, so sweet. She knows how to direct a shoot effortlessly and also how to be flexible with my weird requests (“I only like the left side of my face!”). She captures the light in ways that I cannot explain. While I have mixed emotions about my actual face, I am 100 percent certain that I lover her photography.

I didn’t like this photo at first, but with some small Photoshop doctoring (some dark bags under my eyes and shine from the heat that day), I’ve come to love it. It’s hard for me to like photos of my face head-on. I think I’m very asymmetrical and goofy looking. I’m only saying this to be honest and share how I struggle with these things, and to also show how far I’ve come, because I’m still able to love this photo, regardless.


We shot all of these at South Mesa Trailhead, one of the most gorgeous trails I’ve ever seen. I’d like to come back and run it with Nick soon (of course, he knows it well).


I’ve also got to say that the only eye makeup I wore was my DiorShow mascara! I really wanted to do a bold eye, but I also really wanted to challenge myself to not hide behind much makeup. Natural look for the win. Also: say what you want about Rodan+Fields, but that LashBoost stuff is LEGIT. Compare these bad boys to the ones in the shot below (also shot by Eleanor!):



I really wanted a white, off-the-shoulder look for these photos, and then waited until the last minute to find one (actually found two, which you’ll see in these photos, from Forever 21 for like $5). White, natural, sunlight, and a Colorado backdrop.


These were Eleanor’s mini-sessions, which means you get an accelerated shoot for a fraction of what she normally charges. Our head shot session took no longer than 10 minutes, leaving 20-30 minutes free to play around with Nick and his mom, who came along for the ride.

Nick doesn’t have many photos of him and his mom (I think she hates taking photos!), so it meant a lot to us that she stepped in front of the camera. How cute are these:






Couple Shots ❤




I like him. And while I was awkward and giggly and sweaty, he was cool as a cucumber.


Gross! 😉





This one (above) is one of our favorite shots.



More PDA for ya!


These bridge shots are also some of my favorites. Look at that view.


Can my hair look like that every day? K thanks.



We went down by the water, which was so, so beautiful. The sound of the current and the gorgeous weather… hanging out with my favorite person… I was in heaven. And we were about to go feast at Table 6, so you know that smile is for real.


Annnnnnnnd scene. Tired of our faces yet?

If you live in Colorado and want an exquisite photographer, reach out to Eleanor of Be Boulder Photography. I can’t sing her praises enough.

Hopefully I’ll be a little more active on the blog next week. But for now:

Have a great weekend!


21 thoughts on “Updates + A Boulder Photo Shoot

  1. Lynne says:

    Ok, I can’t stop myself from commenting. BOTH sides of your face are beautiful and all the photos are fabulous. Love the couples pics and the ones with Nick’s mom are good too! You look a lot like your mom:)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. gitfitsite says:

    I agree, you should be engaged because he clearly makes you happy. The photo shoot of you is beautiful, but I have seen a difference even in your selfies since you have been with Nick. You look–loved. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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