Back to the Grind


After 10 Days Off!

Yesterday after work I went for my first post-surgery run with the man, and it felt great! My last run the night before the surgery was at a 9:21 pace, a faster run than normal (I’d been finally working on speed again) and also my lucky number (long story), so I had a feeling I’d be comparing my first run back to that one. To set myself up for success, I left my Garmin watch at home (and so did Nick).


Running without my Garmin is so good for my mental health. Even when I decide to not look at it or not care, having the option to glance down and secretly judge myself for my pace is no bueno for my soul.

While I’d like to know my stats after the run is finished, it sometimes isn’t worth it to have the temptation. I’d like to make sure I’m in the habit of giving myself some grace before I know every detail of my “running fitness level.”

Nick knows me very well and decided not to wear his watch either, most likely because he knows I’ll ask at every mile marker, “Pace?” Wise man.

Speaking of that man, a snippet of the way we manage to run together was featured in Invisible No More‘s new article, a running query: Are you really together if you are not side by side?  Give it a read and see how different-running-style couples manage their individual goals with their relationships.

Platte River Half Marathon

I am constantly grateful that Nick is so enthusiastic about running with me, especially when our endurance levels are so different; while he might be aiming for a 50-mile week, I’m happy to hit 20-25. He’s always game to run before and/or after his runs with me to rack up the mileage, or devote one of his precious weekend days to my long run and another day to his. He’s a good egg! ❤


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