Cliffs Notes of the Weekend


A Brief Recap

Girl is busy this morning, so here are photo recaps of the weekend along with 1-2 sentence descriptions—a quick review.

Friday night I had a 8:00 pm audition, so I got a quick little spa-night in beforehand.


After my audition, when the snow storm started to roll into Denver, Nick made this delicious margherita pizza.


We attempted our own home-made Cosmo’s Spicy Ranch with plain Greek yogurt and adobo chiles—it was deliciously HOT but not quite the same flavor as Cosmo’s.


We might get a puppy in the next month!


Saturday it snowed all day so we busted out of our cabin fever and went to Carmine’s on Penn for an impromptu date night—here, the bruschetta.


We drank a Barbera red wine and got the creamiest pasta with vegetables. Then we finished the night off with this tiramisu.


Sunday the snow began to melt and the temperatures rose back to the 60s. We went on a 3.5-mile walk and found this little house guest in someone’s roof (yikes)!


Sunday night, Nick made poached tilapia with a jalapeño-kiwi salsa, and repurposed some leftover Brussel’s sprouts, cabbage, and sweet potato into a delicious side dish.



I have been in love with re-learning Italian lately. Studiato l’italiano!

That’s all for this weekend update.

How was YOUR weekend?

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