Outfits (and Updates) of the Week!


This week has absolutely flown by, as I’ve been recovering from surgery and both Nick and I have been fending off a sneaky cold, so I’m looking forward to the weekend!

The gist of this week: no running allowed, a great voice lesson, lots of delicious meals, colder weather, and some extra rest. Take a look at outfits + little snippets of things.


MONDAY, April 24, 2017

Still a little groggy from the weekend, but ready to dive head-first into meetings and work I missed on Friday.

  • dark wash skinny jeans, Gap
  • black V-neck tank top, Target
  • gray sweater, Ross (I think?)
  • black pointy flats, DSW
  • gold jewelry, Forever 21

FullSizeRender 2

Monday evening after we walked around the neighborhood, Nick made this exquisitely delicious meal form the Runners World Cookbook: Garlic Shrimp with White Beans and Tomatoes. I’ll be honest that, at first, I was skeptical, especially of its lack of starchy goodness. But it ended up not needing rice or pasta… it was fabulous on its own! I might’ve just added some bread and butter, though. Everything’s better with bread and butter.


We paired the dish with this rose from Joy Wine & Spirits. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything as good as this wine. The flavor was strong and hit you at the beginning of the sip, then kind of evaporated, leaving you with a light and airy aftertaste. So, so good. It’s my new favorite!


TUESDAY, April 25, 2017

Here I am on a Tuesday morning, sporting green pants and feeling fall-y due to some overcast and chilly weather.

  • green skinny jeans, Gap
  • black flowy top, Francesca’s
  • black boots, DSW


Tuesday night, we met up with some of Nick’s good friends at Tokio Denver, near the ballpark downtown. I was craving tuna and yellowtail sashimi, and Tokio is the best of the best. We also got some spicy tuna and salmon rolls, and then Nick and I split a bowl of Miso Ramen. We were stuffed!


WEDNESDAY, April 26, 2017

Wednesday is when I started feeling like my body was starting to fight what Nick had over the weekend, a small cold. I took a ton of Zicam and other homeopathic things to keep the scratchy throat at bay for my voice lesson that night.

  • jeans, Gap
  • teal tank, Target
  • pink Grandma sweater, Target
  • brown booties, DSW
  • statement necklace, Walmart

That night, I rested, ate some leftover shrimp/beans/tomatoes from Monday night, and watched Crazy Ex Girlfriend to save energy for my voice lesson. It ended up being another great hour singing my head off. I’m so glad I’m doing this again!

FUN NEWS: Wednesday we were deliberating being foster parents to one of Life is Better Rescue‘s pups… but we knew we’d end up adopting him or her, and we need just a little more time to commit to that. So we made up our minds that we’ll adopt a pup soon and try to time it for when Nick’s school lets out in early June. I hope the stars align for us! We’ve also nixed the breeder idea; rescuing is so much better, all around. We’ll either go with Life is Better or Colorado Puppy Rescue. I cannot wait!


THURSDAY, April 27, 2017

This is when the cold weather really started to get serious. I should’ve taken a jacket with me to work!

  • distressed ankle/skinny jeans, Stitch Fix
  • gray long-sleeve top, Gap
  • black booties, DSW

On Thursday afternoon, I needed a break from the office and to move my legs, so I went to Target to grab a few things for the house (eggs, spinach, face wash, toothpaste) and ended up getting a couple summer dresses and tops. Whoopsies. Hopefully it’ll be warm again soon so I can show you what I got!


Thursday night, the man and I made this portobello + asparagus pasta. I’m telling you: the vegetables were so delicious, my taste buds were almost crying from joy. I’ve been eating so many more veggies and fruits this week, and my body loves me for it.

GREAT NEWS: I got the call on Thursday that the LEEP procedure secured all the margins of the precancerous cells. Yay! I’ll need to go back in for checkups every 3 months, but that’s a piece of cake at this point. Phew!


FRIDAY, April 28, 2017

And here we are at Friday, ready for the weekend. This is what I call the “art teacher” look.

  • black dress, Target
  • “watercolor” button-up, Target
  • gray tights, H&M
  • black booties, DSW duh


This morning my parents sent me this photo of my dad feeding a squirrel. Seeing as I stop on my runs to say hi to squirrels, I think it’s safe to say we’re of the same feather.

QUESTION: Can anyone tell me why my outfit photos are always so blurry and out of focus? I use the focus feature and make sure to only have natural light in the room, but I’m at a loss as to why my food photos are so clear and my outfit photos are so off. 😦

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