I Have Been Diagnosed With…


Puppy Fever!

Lord help me. You guysssss. I can’t shake my puppy needs lately. I know, in due time, I’ll finally have the cuddly, fuzzy, sweet little puppy ears to kiss and snuggle. And I promise I’m being patient and rational. But… I need a little retriever puppy, like yesterday, so in the meantime I’m taking you all down with me!

Behold the cuteness.

(Okay, so the pup we end up adopting doesn’t need to be a particular breed or color, but at the moment, I’m all about goldens or retrievers in general.)


This one has that silly, goofy excitement that only a post-bath toweling can elicit. Look at those toes!


This one is looking skeptical about his scenario. Look at those ears!


Hi, pup!


This is what it’s all about. Look at that sleepy love.


Gah. I can’t.


Hey, reading buddy!



baby golden with a stuffed giraffe

I might die.


Why choose? Let’s just go ahead and get couple pups… throw in a kitty, too! 🙂


This one is extra dumb!


Oh, the chocolate-ness.


Yeah, you can have all the treats your little puppy heart desires.


How can I be expected to get anything done today?


9 thoughts on “I Have Been Diagnosed With…

  1. Lynne says:

    Golden Retrievers are wonderful!!! We are on our third. After purchasing our first two boys from breeders at 8 weeks of age, we adopted Luke from a rescue organization in Jax two years ago. He is the love of our lives. He’s about 10 now and still a very handsome man, healthy and has lots of energy. Your dad may have some pictures of him. I say go for it. Between Nick and the dog you will be one well loved woman:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Real Life says:

      Hi Lynne! My dad has sent me numerous photos of your Luke! 😍 Once we move in together this summer, we’ll be on the hunt for one to call our own. And you are right that I’ll be well loved, but I’ll have nothing on that pup! He’ll be spoiled to pieces. 🙂


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