Trying Out a New Kale Salad

The final product, Red Quinoa and baby kale salad with sweet potato fries and blackberry dressing, and added feta cheese

Monday Night Cook-All

This past Monday night, the man and I tested out a new recipe from a new cookbook, Simple Green Suppers, A Fresh Strategy for One-Dish Vegetarian Meals. We also put together some easy lunches for the next day, and I thought I’d document it all because food is fun—end of story.

Avocado toast with cholula

Before embarking on our new-recipe mission… we needed a snack! The genius man suggested avocado toast with a little salt, pepper, and Cholula on top. It was divine.

Red Quinoa and baby kale salad with sweet potato fries and blackberry dressing

We then got to work with this Red Quinoa and Baby Kale Salad with sweet potato fries and blackberry dressing.

I chopped the sweet potato wedges while Nick assembled the dressing.

Nick making the kale salad dressing

He’s cute.

Me tossing the sweet potato fries

(Crazy bun on the top of my head.)

closeup of Red Quinoa and baby kale salad with sweet potato fries and blackberry dressing

Voila! It was definitely yummy. We used pearled barley instead of red quinoa, and we also added in some feta cheese (still leftover and going strong).

I was slightly weirded out by blackberries in my salad, but I’ve always been hesitant with fruit and savory dressing. I shouldn’t be, though. It always ends up delicious! Remember the blackberry-ricotta pizza and the fried goat cheese, fig, and peach salad? My palate is growing up (but I still refuse to like olives, of all kinds. Gross!).


After finishing our super-healthy dinner, sipping on red wine, and dessert-ing with a Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup, I whipped up some easy lunch items.

Above is a combo I love: cream cheese, cucumbers, and sprouts. This week we’re making these either wrapped in a tortilla (usually like a quesadilla) or between two pieces of bread (I believe they call that a sandwich). It’s crunchy, savory, and comforting.


Then I made a Bananrito: banana slices and peanut butter wrapped in a tortilla and cut into pinwheels. Here’s a snapshot of mine from Tuesday’s lunch. A lot of people raise an eyebrow when I try to explain this food item to them… but it’s good, people! And it’s the perfect pre-run fuel.

That’s a wrap! (heh)

What are you eating today?

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