A Running-Filled Weekend!

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My Highest Weekly Mileage

Happy Monday…?

I am feeling a little groggy this morning, and my body feels a bit sore. This past week totaled 29.5 miles, the most I’ve ever logged in a week!

Here’s a recap, and also a look at a post-long run Wash Park picnic gorge-fest.

Friday night, the man and I succumbed to yet another installment of our end-of-the-week wine-and-Cosmo’s. We couldn’t help it.

Saturday morning, Nick went off to run 18 miles of difficult mountain terrain, and I ran an easy 4.5 miles at Wash Park in the cold rain. I am really working on not only upping my mileage but getting used to running on tired legs, and since I wanted to hit 5 running days this week, I figured a quick and easy run the day before my 11-mile long run would be a good opportunity to test my strength and endurance (both physical and mental).

After my easy run, I showered and went to the Cherry Creek Mall to scour some deals at Forever 21 and H&M. I’m trying not to splurge on clothes or anything that isn’t much-needed pizza and wine, but I also have been wanting a couple new items in my closet. I ended up with some very great deals: a $15 dress, a couple $5-$10 tops. Thanks to the mall’s new (and terrible) paid-parking system, I left before I could do too much damage! I’m sure you’ll end up seeing some or most of these items in this Friday’s Outfits of the Week.

After shopping, I did two loads of laundry and watched Crazy Ex Girlfriend until Nick got back from his hard run. That night we went to a housewarming party of his friend who just moved to Denver, and we might’ve drank too much and then went to The Spot for fries and a delicious club sandwich.

It’s safe to say we weren’t feeling 100% the next morning, the day of my long run! We decided to wait it out. Nick went and did groceries because he knew we wouldn’t want to do them after our run, and I stayed home and read.

After some cereal with almond milk and a banana, we went out to run a slightly different neighborhood route: down Downing to 9th to Cheesman park, then through the gorgeous Denver Country Club streets, down University to Wash Park (two laps) and then home. We averaged an 11-minute mile because we both had sore legs. (While this week was my highest miles of 29.5 miles, Nick ran 29 miles in two days. Like, what?)

Although I was tempted to beat up on myself for running so slowly, I did notice a difference in mental endurance during this long run. I had a 4:30am-Rule attitude and just knew I had to get all 11 miles in. I also knew that running with a less-than-fully-rested body meant that this was “all good mental training.”

Walt Breaking Bad tip jars at Moe's Bagels, Denver, Colorado

Funny Breaking Bad tip jars at Moe’s Bagels

Also, I wasn’t completely incapacitated after; I still had some energy to suggest that instead of just gorging on Moe’s Bagels immediately following our run, we take them to-go for a Wash Park picnic in the sun! The weather was SO gorgeous on Sunday.

A post-long-run Moe's Bagels picnic at Wash Park in Denver, Colorado

We ate everything but the apple! Also, isn’t it appetizing to see the man’s foot and our stinky shoes and socks? 

We also learned that Nick really shouldn’t let me make food decisions post-run (or ever). On top of our Manhattan bagels, I decided we each needed our own salt & vinegar chip bag, as well as an orange juice and a giant chocolate chip cookie. I mean, we ate it all (plus we split an orange), but we also didn’t feel the need to eat for the rest of the day. That’s quite significant, considering who we’re talking about here. (I know it’s “whom,” but I just didn’t wanna.)

The Manhattan on a jalapeno bagel from Moe's Bagels in Denver, Colorad, a post long run picnic at Wash Park

Look at that cream cheese

After showering, we spent all afternoon and evening bingeing on Bloodline. That show is seriously good and so well-written. Finally at around 10:30 we figured we should probably sleep, since we usually pass out around 9:30 and Nick was returning to work after his school’s weeklong Spring Break. Needless to say… we both were quite brainless this morning, stumbling around the kitchen making breakfast and packing our lunches (that was definitely not happening the night before). It was a great weekend, though, and hopefully my brain will turn on soon!

How was your weekend?

8 thoughts on “A Running-Filled Weekend!

  1. dtills says:

    Great job with all that planned mileage last week! My husband does not run farther than me (in fact I log more distance than he does usually) but he runs, at least, 2 min/mile faster. I am currently working on an article about how our running “together” works when we don’t run the same pace. We often get questions along the lines of how do you run together when you are not side be side? I am wondering if you two get that too? Do you have any advice about your different paces, distances and running goals and staying connected as runners? I would be happy to reference your blog and advice in the article, if you are interested in responding!
    Dee Dee

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Real Life says:

      Hi Dee Dee, Thanks for sharing this concept with me! I have a ton of thoughts on this! First, the man runs both longer distances and faster paces than I do… but the best part about him is that he loves running (and me, I guess! lol) so much that he always tailors to my needs and abilities. We always run side by side. He got his long run in on Saturday (those grueling 18 miles of trail) and then he joined me on my long run on Sunday (he still had some faster miles on his run than I did on mine… that jerk! :). I’d say we manage this really well because he already has such a great level of fitness that he coaches me and inspires me every day, every week, every run. And he somehow manages to do this without ever making me feel like I’m slow (I do a good job of that, myself). He always preaches that each run is important, and that he doesn’t need to run at his typical 8:30 pace when running with me (more like a 10:00 pace, most days). I think this benefits him too because he gets some easy fun-run mileage in. Training for a race, whether it’s a half marathon like I’m doing or a 100-miler like he’s doing, can sometimes beat the fun out of running… but when you just get out to enjoy the sunshine and run alongside your loved one, talking and laughing or complaining even, you remember why you love running so much. Also: he is always doing this thing he calls “love fest” after a run, where we list all the great qualities of the run, what we accomplished, putting everything into perspective even if I’m beating myself up about something (usually wanting to be at his level). During my long run this Sunday, he reminded me that this might feel hard but it’s been my highest mileage yet. When it comes to training runs where he really needs to focus on pace and/or distance, we usually just do those solo. I’m hoping to one day catch up to him… we’ll see!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Real Life says:

    Also: Is your husband interested in logging longer distances? If so, then it might be a great way for your both to start doing some runs together, as he’ll want to slow down his pace when increasing his distance, at least at first. Just a thought! 🙂


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