Wednesday Workout & Win!

Book of the Month Club.jpg

Feeling Lucky

Yesterday was a pretty good day, as they usually tend to be after I let all my emotions out. I really appreciated all the comments and love on yesterday’s post! You guys are awesome.

It was a productive day at work, followed by a quick happy hour at Hacienda Colorado (where I did not eat a burrito) and a treadmill interval workout. I also decided to try this new collagen supplement trend. And I won a free 3-month subscription to the Book of the Month Club!

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A Run After a Burrito is a Good Idea?


Emotional Eating

Yesterday I had a bit of a stress attack because of more health scariness, so I worked the second half of the day from home. It was nice to be a little secluded and comfortable in my own space, which helped create a little space between myself and the stress.

I decided a giant steak burrito would make me feel better (an emotional-eating frenzy, like ya do). It was delicious, but then I also decided that, since the days are getting longer and the weather has been absolutely beautiful here in Denver, I’d go for a post-burrito run in Wash Park after work.

The result was: a weird epiphany.

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Mixed Mushroom & Spinach Lasagna


Thug Kitchen Knows Their $#*!

Last night the man and I put together Thug Kitchen‘s recipe for Mixed Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna. Okay, so Nick made the marinara from scratch (so good), as well as the pesto it called for, but I helped assemble as well as inhale the lasagna, so it all evens out.

The only thing we tweaked majorly was using real ricotta cheese instead of making Thug Kitchen’s tofu ricotta. I’d say that was a good call, my friends.

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A Weekend Chock-Full of New Things

Eat to Run to Eat, running, half marathon training, fitness and food blog

Running & Eating & Reading, Oh My!

Happy Monday, friends!

I know what you’re thinking: new things, Vanessa? running, eating, reading? That’s basically all you do. And you’re right, but this past weekend was dedicated to mixing things up when it comes to half marathon training, upping my mileage, meal prepping, and eating well.

Here’s a plethora of weekend snapshots that won’t look like my same old photo updates.

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Outfits of the Week!

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Work Trip Wardrobe

This week was a little haywire with traveling to LA for the Design Bloggers Conference. With early morning runs around Beverly Hills, daylong sessions, and then a midweek flight back to Denver, my outfit photos are a little lackluster. Wednesday I forgot to snap a photo, but Sunday I wore two different outfits, so it all evens out.

Take a look at what I wore this week, below!

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A Slew of New Beauty Products

A Beauty Haul Review | THE REAL LIFE blog | Food, fitness, fashion, and fun around Colorado

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Hi, all! Yesterday I flew back from Los Angeles, and after catching some quality Zs I’m feeling much more rested this morning. You might say I got my beauty sleep?

Speaking of beauty, I have tried a number of new beauty products lately for various reasons and I thought I’d share my experiences with you, should you be interested.

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A Dreamy Run Down Rodeo Drive

A Gorgeous run down Rodeo Drive from the Beverly Hilton Los Angeles California to Beverly Gardens Park.jpg

Palm Trees, Galore

On my second morning waking up in the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, my publisher and I went for a sunrise run down the famous Rodeo Drive.

The road (and shopping mecca) was kind of deserted at that hour, making it that much more surreal and wonderful. Check out these gorgeous photos!

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Small Snippets From LA

Beverly Hilton Hotel, Design Bloggers Conference

City of Angels

Good morning, loves! I am currently waking up slowly in bed before my publisher and I go for a run down Rodeo Drive! This is the only time we can fit it in, but it’s worth it.

I’ve been working nonstop (yesterday my day started at 5 am and ended at 10:30 pm), but the photos I’m about to share makes it look like all we’re doing is living the life.

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